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2006 Honda Pilot MPG Results

Bought an ’06 Pilot two-wheel drive on Tuesday in FL and drove it home on Wed…..The ’06 cuts out two cylinders on the interstate when the computer detects that the 6 cylinder engine can supply the needed output with only 4 cylinders what Honda refers to at ECO (economy) mode.

The first tank of 87 octane went from Orlando to exit 218 in GA (418 miles) and it took 19.7 gallons….I had been running about 80 to 85 MPH and the outside temps were varying between 95 to 97 deg.F; so the A/C was definitely ON

During the last 253 miles of the trip, I had one area of about 7 miles long, just north of Atlanta, where traffic was very heavy (stop and go) for about 25 minutes. During that last 253 miles, the outside temp cooled to 83 to 85 deg.F and I my speed was averaging 75MPH. When I arrived in Murfreesboro, I topped the gas tank off. Again, I had been 253 miles since the last fill up and it took 9.8 gallons. I did shut the A/C off and rolled the driver’s window down about 25 miles from Murfreesboro, but up to that point, the sun was shining and the A/C was on maintaining 72 inside the vehicle. Do the math….253 miles divided by 9.7 gallons.

What do you think about 26.3 MPG?!?!?

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