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Real Honda and Acura MPG Stats

How many times have we shopped for a new car and seen those estimated MPG (miles per gallon) numbers on that new car sticker and wondered how true those numbers really are?

Currently, gas prices are on everybody’s mind for obvious reasons. Because of the commitment that we have to our customers to always be the most accurate source of knowledge about Honda and Acura automobiles; in January of 2008, instead of having all of our vehicles transported to our dealership, via car transport, our own Sales Department began driving a couple of our inventory vehicles back from Florida every week. By doing this our dealership and our customers both benefit in two areas.

First, our transport bill is cheaper so our Honda and Acura inventory can be brought to market more efficiently, and our customer’s benefit in a lower cost to us that is passed on to them.

Second, we have a ledger with real-world average miles-per-gallon (MPG) on many Honda and Acura vehicles and with the gas receipts to back up our numbers.

These MPG numbers are exact and are listed below.

320 miles Ave. Speed: 70 MPH

01-11-08 2005 Honda Odyssey EX-L 13.10 Gallons 24.4 MPG

01-11-08 2004 Honda CRV 2WD 11.64 Gallons 27.5 MPG

316.7 miles Ave. Speed: 75 MPH

01-23-08 2005 Honda Accord V6 10.50 Gallons 30.07 MPG

344.9 miles Ave. Speed: 75 MPH

01-28-08 2004 Honda Odyssey 14.47 Gallons 23.84 MPG

341.0 miles Ave. Speed: 75 MPH

01-30-08 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L 15.66 Gallons 21.8 MPG

01-20-08 2003 Acura MDX Touring 16.28 Gallons 20.9 MPG

593.0 miles Ave. Speed: 75 MPH

02-13-08 2004 Acura TL 21.97 Gallons 27.0 MPG

02-13-08 2005 2005 Honda CRV 2WD 24.58 Gallons 24.1 MPG

205.3 miles Ave Speed: 74 MPH

03-04-08 2006 Acura TSX 7.32 Gallons 28.0 MPG

296.8 miles Ave Speed: 78 MPH

06-18-08 2007 Acura TL Type S 10.63 Gallons 27.8 MPG

163.1 miles Ave Speed: 76 MPH

06-24-08 2003 Acura TL 5.001 Gallons 32.6 MPG

06-24-08 2004 Honda S2000 5.911 Gallons 27.6 MPG

Please note: These average MPG numbers were taken between necessary fuel stops or driver breaks where the fuel tanks were topped-off. Also, take the dates into consideration. Outside temperatures influence fuel efficiency. The hotter the outside temperature is, the less MPG a vehicle will make. This means that the winter dates for MPG are going to be a little better than the summer dates on the same vehicles.

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