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Honda and Acura used cars from Northeast U.S. and Canada, What Lies Beneath?

When most consumers are considering the acquisition of a newer, pre-owned Honda or Acura, they tend to take some good pre-cautionary steps. These steps include requesting a Carfax or Auto Check Report, making sure that the vehicle they are interested in was not in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, or in Iowa during the most recent flooding. They may even request that the seller allow them to take the vehicle to a third party like Accurate Automotive for an independent inspection.

All of the steps above can be good things to do….but one of the most over-looked and under-estimated red-flag problem question to ask is,


Here at Accurate Cars we go the extra mile…in fact we go the extra 650 miles to buy Honda and Acura automobiles that have been titled in the South. We take this seriously. We do not want vehicles that have been in Northern Regions. Vehicles that come from the Northern states and Canada have been exposed to road salt that corrodes metal very quickly and causes car rust. If you buy a Northern U.S. vehicle, while you may not have holes rusting through the fenders, you may have other problems like rusted out exhaust systems, brake problems, and other issues with the exposed fasteners in the under carriage of your Acura or Honda Auto.

What Lies Beneath? The pictures below tell only part of the story. The photos displayed in this post are of a 2005 Acura MDX (blue) that was previously titled in New York State and of a 2003 beige Acura MDX that was previously titled in Florida. By the pictures, you can clearly see the corrosion to the handle on the rear hatch on the blue 2005 Acura MDX. What is even more disturbing is the fact that this handle is partially protected by a chrome garnish that covers it up on the rear hatch. And, the beige Acura MDX is 2 years older with higher road miles!!!

When buying a pre-owned vehicle, check for previous accidents, check for possible flood damage…. but most importantly check the previous title state.

2005 MDX with less than 50,000 miles 2003 MDX with 78,000 miles


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    Joe Says:

    A factor that I have never considered in any of my automobile purchases. Great blog, Ed.

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