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Honda and Acura Auto Repair Begins with an Accurate diagnosis

Since 1996, all Honda and Acura automobiles are on an OBDII platform. What this means is that the vehicle’s on board computer monitors all systems that keep your Honda and Acura vehicles operating at their peek performance. If a problem arises, the “check engine” light will illuminate. When this light illuminates, it indicates an operational fault. This could be a problem with the emissions systems, fuel delivery, ignition system or the transmission. The operational fault may not cause the vehicle to perform differently

Many automotive parts stores offer “free” OBDII diagnosis. They offer to connect a generic tester to your Honda or Acura auto and pull the numeric trouble code. The big problem is that nothing in life is “free” and in most cases the diagnosis is inconsistent and incorrect.

Inspection and diagnosis of your Honda or Acura automobile is more than just pulling a trouble code out the computer’s memory bank. A well trained Honda and Acura auto repair technician will tell you that a trouble code is an aid to finding the problem. The trouble code tells the auto technician what system the computer is finding a fault in, but does not necessarily indicate that the system itself is faulty. For instance, a misfire trouble code can be caused by a vacuum leak, bad spark plugs, fuel pressure that is too high, a bad tank of gas or several other things. In other words, it isn’t as easy as pulling the code and immediately replacing the part that the code is related to. In many instances of doing this, you will be replacing expensive parts that are not the root source of the fault, and will not turn off the “check engine light”.

In closing….Accurate Diagnosis is key. If you have a problem with your teeth, do you go to the store that sells toothpaste, to diagnose your problem or do you seek the knowledge and training of a dentist?

At Accurate Cars and Automotive, all of our technical staff are former Honda and Acura dealership technicians. In addition, we use the most accurate diagnostic equipment to correctly indentify trouble codes on your Honda and Acura automobile. We will never replace a part or recommend a component that your Honda or Acura Car does not need. Our diagnostic service is not free, but is cheaper than buying non-returnable auto parts that your Honda and Acura vehicles do not need.

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