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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and the Use of Fix-a-Flat

fix a flatFirst of all, my disclaimer….I have no vendetta against the manufacturer of Fix-a-Flat. Furthermore,  I will also remind our readers that the manufacturer of this product does not recommend the use of Fix-a-Flat in vehicles equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and they also market this product as a temporary remedy to be used in emergency situations.

With that said, At Accurate Cars and Automotive, our Service Department specializes exclusively in Honda and Acura automobiles. All of our service technicians  are former franchised Honda and Acura dealership technicians in and around the Nashville and Middle Tennessee Region.  In our Service Department, we perform all types of maintenance and repair on Honda and Acura automobiles. This maintenance and repair includes, but is not limited to, major engine overhauls, transmission replacement, brake system repairs (including ABS), A/C Repair and tire / alignment issues.

For over eleven years, our technical staff has warned our valued customers against the use of this product in their Honda and Acura automobiles.

First, Fix-A-Flat is flammable. There is a risk of a flash fire when a service technician breaks the old tire down to install a new tire on the wheel. If you have put this product in one of your tires, be sure to tell the service technician when you go to have new tires installed.

fix a flat 2Second, this product leaves a liquid residue in the bottom of the tire. This puddle of liquid prevents the tire from staying balanced. You cannot balance a tire that has Fix-A-Flat in it.

Third, Fix-A-Flat has deteriorating and corrosive effects on the wheel (especially alloy rims), the inside of the tire, and the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor.

If you feel that an emergency tire inflator is needed in your vehicle, then let me recommend the purchase a 12 volt air compressor that you can plug into the power port / cigarette lighter of your vehicle. This type of compressor, which can be purchased for around $30.00, is capable of inflating a tire to 32 psi and is compact enough that it will easily store in the trunk of your Honda or Acura automobile.

About the photos: The two photographs show the damage that results from using Fix-A-Flat with late model Honda and Acura automobiles . The top photo shows the damage to the Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor. The sensor in the front is the original sensor and it is trash. The one behind it is the new replacement. The lower photo was taken to show the corrosion to the alloy wheel.  As you can see in the lower photo, our Service Department had already installed the new Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor on the wheel. This wheel is from a 2005 Acura RL with 30,000 miles on it. The actual amount of time the wheel and sensor were exposed to the Fix-A-Flat is unknown.

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