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Honda and Acura Used Car Buy Trip for Accurate Auto Sales, Oct. 21st & 22nd 2008

I left Nashville, with the help of www.southwest.com on Monday night (October 20th) and went down to Central Florida for Tuesday and Wednesday, to obtain some new Honda and Acura vehicle inventory. Incidently, I love flying this time of year. Our Creator paints a beautiful picture.

On Tuesday, I purchased a very nice used car. It is a 2008 Acura MDX. This unit is beautiful. It is white with tan interior. It has Navigation, and  RES / DVD. When I bought it, the MDX had 15,099 miles on it….Now it has just over 15,900 miles on it because I drove it back. By the way….21.72 Miles per gallon, using 93 octane fuel while traveling at an average speed of 70 MPH….And what a GREAT RIDE!!!

On Wednesday, we obtained some really good Honda and Acura units. We have a very nice white 2007 Acura TL currently in transit, a couple of low mileage 2005 Acura RL units(one black on black and one celestial silver with gray interior) coming in, an ’06 Acura RL that is a beautiful white pearl with ebony interior, a 2006 Acura TL that is black with tan interior, a 2005 Honda Odyssey with Factory DVD and a 2006 Honda Ridgeline…..I think you are going to get very excited when we price this Ridgeline. But as many of you are aware, we always perform a complete used car inspection before posting prices….And most importantly,  all of the Honda and Acura vehicles acquired on this trip are one owner, non-smoker used vehicles with a clean Carfax History Report and have only been titled in the State of Florida.

At Accurate Auto Sales, a lot of our energy and motivation (why we get up in the morning) comes from our customer’s encouragement. Many of them have told us about negative experiences they had at some of the franchised dealerships and the lower-than-expected quality, even in the “Certified Used” vehicles. Some of these car shoppers even accused certain new car dealers of keeping poorly reconditoned newer used cars (offered at a great price on the internet) in their inventory to lure a buyer on to the dealership property to influence them over to a brand new unit. At Accurate Auto Sales, many folks have seen and understand that Accurate’s inventory consists of good quality used cars and if shopping for Honda or Acura vehicles, there isn’t a better place in Middle Tennessee to purchase or service them.

Many of our customers have also told us how easy it is to navigate through our website and see exactly what we have, and the information that car buyers want to know when shopping. I personally invite you to check out the www.accuratecars.com Home page anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  for periodic updates to our Honda and Acura inventory.  Even if it is listed as “new, in transit”, if you see a used car that you desire additional info on, call or email us. Accurate Auto Sales and Accurate Automotive are here in Nashville, TN  to serve the Honda and Acura vehicle shoppers and owners . Thanks for visiting our accurate blog.


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    Honda Car Deals Says:

    Nice, really makes good article “ACCURATE CARS” for dealers in honda cars and automotive.

    Some of these car shoppers even accused certain new car dealers of keeping poorly reconditoned newer used cars (offered at a great price on the internet) in their inventory to lure a buyer on to the dealership property to influence them over to a brand new unit.

    give us more details for Honda cars.

    thanks for your information.

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