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Acura RL Used Car Purchased and Delivered to another Satisfied Accurate Cars Customer.

We just delivered an Acura RL to another new satisfied Accurate customer.  On Thursday morning, a very nice gentleman came in from the Brentwood / Franklin area of Middle Tennessee and bought one of our  2005 Acura RL used cars. We acquired this particular Acura RL from American Honda just 2 weeks ago and we knew it wouldn’t be here long. This was a 2005 Acura RL with only 17,700 miles on it. This unit was nighthawk black with ebony interior and what really set it off was the Genuine Acura 18″ accessory chrome wheels and the Genuine Acura accessory lip spoiler on the trunk lid.

Our new customer was very happy with his purchase and requested that his new car be delivered to his house. Because we have our own tow truck, which our Service Department uses for distress towing (cars that are broken down) and our Sales Department uses periodically for delivery of sold vehicles, we were more than happy to accommodate him.

Between the time that our new client purchased this unit and the time that the customer requested the vehicle be delivered to his house, we had the time to:

  • obtain the emissions test compliance form for the State of Tennessee
  • wash the exterior
  • take out the plastic (dealer please remove) film that we installed after detailing from the floor boards
  • install the floor mats that were fully cleaned with heat extraction method during the vehicle detail
  • fill the vehicle up with 93 octane premium gasoline

This delivery was easy…The last vehicle we delivered with our truck, was to a client’s house in Carbondale, Colorado. The two before that included an Acura MDX Touring (with 12 miles on it) to Buffalo, NY and an Acura NSX to Fort Myers, Florida.

At www.accuratecars.com we are committed to being the best. We take the necessary steps to seek out the best Honda and Acura used cars that we can obtain. Once these Honda and Acura pre owned vehicles are bought, we use our own Service Department ( Accurate Automotive ) to inspect, service and detail our vehicles; which is why we tell our customers to “always expect Certified Quality in our Honda and Acura Inventory”.

Having our own tow truck is just one more example of our committment our customers. We would rather own the truck and personally handle our customer’s needs than rely on an outside company, especially in incidents where car touble is part of the scenario.

We bought this tow truck in 2004 to provide even better customer service. We use it enough to justify the expense of it but no more. When we put a pencil against the cost of the truck, the fuel, the maintenance, and the insurance, it is a break-even expenditure. But what price can a business actually place on ensuring and protecting customer service and satisfaction?

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