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Buying your Next Honda or Acura Used Car from Accuratecars.com, Have Confidence!

Title history reports and extended warranties help protect the used car buyer,  but what protects the used car dealer?

If you have read a few of our blogs, you already know that our little independent, non-franchised dealership exclusively specializes in Honda and Acura vehicles. You already know that we also have a very competent Service Department that is made up of technicians who are former franchised Honda and Acura dealership techs. You already know that our inventory purchaser is also a trained technician, who has worked for both local Honda and Acura franchised dealership service departments in the Middle Tennessee area….But even with all the experience with Honda and Acura automobiles; you may wonder, does Accurate ever have a car that has problems that were unexpected? And more importantly; does their Sales Department sell those troublesome vehicles to  unsuspecting and trusting car buyers?

Our inventory purchaser is writing the answer to that question above, with a little story that happened just 2 days ago on September 23, 2008.

I was in Central Florida purchasing some additional Honda and Acura vehicles for our inventory. During my day at the dealer auction facility, I found a 2004 Acura TL vin# 19UUA65524A060997 with a 6 speed manual transmission. This unit has just under 75,000 miles on it and because there were very few bidders left at this late hour of the sale, I ended up buying the vehicle for a very good price. I did buy the unit under an auction green light, which means that I was guaranteed for the day of the auction, that there was not a single mechanical issue with the vehicle that would exceed $400.00 to fix, if there were any problems at all.

After I purchased the vehicle, I went out to personally inspect it closer before transporting it to our dealership, nearly 700 miles away. I noticed that the engine, even at operating temperature, had an significant amount of upper valve train noise. Because of my experience with Honda and Acura vehicles and because we have previously purchased some Honda and Acura V6 vehicles with manual 6 speed transmissions that had bent valves, which we had to repair before selling at a loss; I felt that an inspection by the dealer auction was needed to void the sale transaction, via auction rules.

I was nearly 200 miles up the road, heading towards the dealership when the auction’s arbitration department called my cell phone to inform me that the clicking under the hood was just normal fuel injector noise. To avoid an argument, to which I was in no position to debate at that time, I simply requested a post sale inspection, which would give me a 14 day guarantee against the bent valves that were being identified as noisy fuel injectors. Believe it or not, the dealer auction approved the vehicle during the post sale inspection and then turned it over to my truck driver for transport to Nashville, TN.

This morning we noticed that this 2004 Acura TL had been delivered during the night. With only 12 days remaining to claim this obvious engine damage, our Service Department immediately took the TL in for our used car inspection. With the outside temperature at 61 degrees, the engine was cold and upon start-up, the upper engine noise was considerably louder than just two days earlier in Florida.

First, our Service Department performed a cylinder leak-down test and found the #5 cylinder to be only 65% efficient…..Bent exhaust valves can cause that problem. Because we had a post sale inspection performed, we are protected and the transport truck has been dispatched to return this Acura TL back to Florida.

Incidentally, I did not purchase this 2004 Acura TL from American Honda Lease Trust. It was purchased from another dealer, via dealer auction.

In closing, I would like for you to consider what you would have done in this situation. If you choose to buy a vehicle from a private individual or an unscrupulous used car lot, you have a much bigger risk. While this doesn’t happen to us very often, our Sales Department not only has the expertise to identify and repair these problems but a failsafe to fall back on when these issues arise. If you go to purchase a Honda or Acura vehicle that has a V6 engine with a manual 6 speed transmission, you need to know that a low price deal means absolutely nothing if their is internal engine damage.


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    Your post has helped me keep in mind to look out for internal damages while buying used cars from private individuals.

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