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Honda and Acura Used Car Buy Trip for November 19, 2008

I just returned from my Honda and Acura Used Car buy trip in Florida to buy some cars from the Honda and Acura Remarketing Sale just yesterday.  I found and purchased some really good new and used cars. Incidentally, the southwest plane that I was on flew right over the dealer auction property. (photo below).

Some of my target vehicles included new cars that had been titled by American Honda Motor Company because they were repaired / transport damaged units. Transport damaged vehicles are unique and provide our customers with something similar to a scratch and dent sale (without the damage). Most Honda and Acura units are transported by railcar. Periodically, some of these units will come loose and will jump the chocks while on the railcar which allows the unit to rock into the vehicle in front and / or behind. When this happens, this brand new Honda or Acura vehicle is considered transport damaged and according to American Honda, “cannot be repaired properly for new car sale”. American Honda then makes the necessary arrangements for the vehicle to be repaired and then American Honda titles the vehicle to American Honda Motor Company thru the State of Arizona. On paper, this makes this new Honda unit a pre-owned vehicle, even though the majority of them have less then 20 miles on the odometer. It also prevents a car dealer from selling these vehicles as new units without disclosure of repaired, minor transport damage. Our dealership cannot always obtain these vehicles, but when possible, we do pursue them at the dealer auction facility. They have full factory warranty, in accordance to American Honda’s policies, a clean Carfax report, and an unbranded (clear) title status. Most importantly, they are fixed correctly and repairs can rarely be found. They will also have all the keys, floor mats and manuals included; the same as you would expect when buying a brand new car.

At this particular sell I purchased two transport damaged units. They included a 2009 Honda Accord LX with 15 miles on it. This Accord was damaged on railcar while in transit and the repair report, which we were given, indicates that the vehicle simply needed a front bumper and left mirror.

The other transport damaged unit that I purchased yesterday was a 2009 Honda Fit XSport with 15 miles on it, which also was a result of rail car mishandling, “which caused unit to jump chocks”. This Honda Fit required a new front bumper to repair properly.

The other two units purchased were a 2006 Acura TL with Navigation and just over 25,000 miles on it and a 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL, which I drove back to the dealership.

At Accurate, it is our goal to to be the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to purchase and service Honda and Acura vehicles. While our dealership, (both sales and service) has no affiliation with American Honda at all, our service department, Accurate Automotive, is made up of an entire staff that consists of former Honda and Acura franchised dealership technicians. This includes Troy Ball, the shop manager, who also writes your service ticket, when you come in with a problem. We hope you find it refreshing that when you come into to our dealership and start explaining the issue you are having with your auto you are consulting with a professional technician that has actually worked on Honda and Acura products since 1989….Our Sales Department is no different. We strive to be the best place in Nashville and Middle, TN to purchase Honda and Acura vehicles and we know that while there are many places that you can go to purchase your next used car, that you will find our pre-owned Honda and Acura inventory to be fully serviced and the cleanest used cars in the market. At Accurate Automotive, always expect the best customer serviceaccurate diagnosis of car repair and a level of expertise that many of our customers are saying is not in the franchised dealership service departments anymore.  From our sales staff, Accurate Auto Sales,  always expect the same quality standards in our Honda and Acura inventory, that you would expect from certified pre-owned vehicles.


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    Arian Clute Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Ed. Great to see you are promoting these units to your customers.
    See you soon! Arian

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