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    Our Accurate Cars Blog is here to inform our customers about our Honda and Acura Used Car business and our Honda and Acura Car Repair business. This is where any visitor to the Accurate Blog can ask questions and respond to any Blog entry. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.

Honda and Acura Car Repair is one example of business efficiency at Accurate Automotive of Nashville, TN

Several people have asked why our prices for car repair and our prices for Honda and Acura used cars are cheaper. That can be answered in one word. Efficiency. I don’t ever want to hear someone say that the doctor’s kids never get sick, the school teacher’s kids never make a poor grade in class, or that the mechanic’s vehicles never need repair.

I was hauling a 1991 Honda Accord EX from Murfreesboro, TN back to our service department, Accurate Automotive, with our own tow truck the other day when I noticed that I kept smelling oil burning. After this went on for a few miles, I had a feeling that the vehicle burning oil, was mine….And it was.

As I have told you in past blog posts, our dealership owns a 2004 model F650 tow truck with a C7 Caterpillar engine in it. We purchased this truck in November of 2004, with 15,000 miles on it. This truck has only been used for delivering sold vehicles for our sales department, Accurate Auto Sales;  and for picking distressed vehicles for our service department, Accurate Automotive. It has never been used for picking up wrecked cars and we are not a 24 hour tow service. The duty of this truck is so light, it just clicked over 50,000 miles on the odometer.

Anyway, while driving, I started smelling oil burning and when I returned to the dealership, I opened the hood and found that the oil cooler on the side of the big inline 6 cylinder CAT was leaking oil and it was blowing back on the turbo charger.

This reminded me that about 3 years ago, a customer who had AAA, had a tow service deliver an Acura car to our dealership. This truck had a similar problem, but much worse. Wherever this truck had been on our new concrete parking lot, he had left a trail of engine oil. Later, when I spoke to the owner of the truck about the absolute mess he had made, he informed me that he just didn’t have time to fix the leak.

Because our truck has a 5 gallon engine oil capacity, we could have done the exact same thing that the above tow truck driver did. This oil leak was bad but it could get much worse before having to be fixed. The main reason that we went ahead and fixed the leak was for three very important beliefs that we have here at Accurate Automotive and Accurate Auto Sales.

  1. We care about the environment. There are many folks out there that will tell you that one drop of motor oil can affect hundreds of gallons of ground water.
  2. We care about the safety, reliability, and condition of our dealership equipment. We don’t want a bunch of half-working stuff. The oil that was blowing back on the turbo charger was a fire hazard as well as a BIG MESS MAKER.
  3. We practice what we preach. We have had several Honda and Acura vehicles come in with similar seals that have failed during cold weather, just like ours did.  When our Honda and Acura vehicle owners come in, we encourage them to go ahead and fix the leaking seal because those seals are holding back pressurized oil. Failed oil seals don’t fix themselves, they just get worse.

Because we have 3 graduates of Nashville Auto Diesel College. http://www.lincolnedu.com/schools/nadc/?source=les-google-nashville-auto-diesel-college-local-match-tn&gclid=CLqfytXv75YCFQudnAod3lzlrQ that work here, we were confident that the repair to our tow truck could be performed with ease in our own facility, and it was….This is not an invitation. We perform service, maintenance and repair exclusively on Honda and Acura vehicles.  Anyway, we placed our truck in one of the stalls in the Service Department and performed the repair. There were two gaskets, two o-rings, 7 gallons of antifreeze, an oil filter and 5 gallons of Rotella T 15w40 required to complete the task.

In closing, I would like to remind our readers that one thing we use our website, www.accuratecars.com for is to express our purpose. Our goal here at Accurate Automotive and Accurate Auto Sales is to be an oasis for Honda and Acura vehicle owners. We have an outstanding service department that can run circles around our competition, which we consider to only be the franchised Honda and Acura dealership service departments. The national shop chains that work on all makes, cannot be an experts in any one make. At Accurate Automotive, we have focused and committed ourselves to be experts in the field of service, repair, and troubleshooting for Honda and Acura automobiles, trucks, vans and SUVs in Nashville and the Middle Tennessee areas. The things that set us apart from ‘the other guys’ is focus, customer service and business efficiency. Efficiency and customer service are the reasons our dealership owns this tow truck. And efficiency is the reason we fixed our own tow truck a few days ago. The seals were easily replaced in our own shop, which most importantly got our truck ‘back on line’ as quickly as possible. Within 30 minutes of getting the truck back up and going we picked up a 1996 Honda Accord from Darrell Waltrip Honda in Franklin, Tennessee. This customer needed a transmission and because our overhead is lower,  our prices are simply cheaper. Daily, we provide our customers with our cost advantages that include the same great work that is expected from the franchised dealership service departments, while using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and our combined decades of expertise that we have acquired from working with Honda and Acura vehicles.

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