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By Recycling Used Motor Oil, Accurate Automotive Saved a Lot of Nashville Honda & Acura Car Owners $20,000 Last Year in gas costs

This is a great example of business efficiency. No…they didn’t put the old oil back in the car….Accurate recycled that used motor oil into heat for the Service Department!!!

Winter has arrived at Accurate Automotive, and in these economic times all businesses are understandably challenged with price conscious consumers who are watching every dime.

Like all businesses,Accurate’s business challenge is to provide the best quality, at the best price, and still make a profit.

At Accurate Automotive, we specialize exclusively in the sales and service of Honda and Acura vehicles in Nashville, TN. It is our goal is to be the best; the best quality and the best price.We don’t shortcut our services and we use OEM parts almost exclusively in all of our Honda / Acura repairs and maintenance procedures. The BIG difference is that Accurate Automotive and Accurate Auto Sales keep the overhead costs as low as possible.

For example,  Accurate Automotive is heated with special heaters that burn used motor oil and automatic transmission fluid that is drained from the Honda and Acura units that are serviced in the shop. Accurate has two of them; a 340,000 BTU unit in the 3600 square foot shop area

(with a 33 foot ceiling)

and a 200,000 BTU unit in the drive-thru service bay.

Both heaters are very clean burning and extremely efficient. Engine oil is sprayed into a heater box and air is blown across the heater box, just like a natural gas or propane heater operates. Both heaters have an hour meter and last summer, during the annual cleaning the heater technician showed an equation, based on the time that the heaters operated. The equation indicated that to produce the same number of BTUs last winter, the natural gas would have cost Accurate Automotive approx. $20,000.

Because all business expenses (overhead) is ultimatley charged to the customer; this is a $20,000 expendature that Accurate did not have to account for in the price of their Honda and Acura used cars and their Honda and Acura car repair. In addition, Accurate used a waste product for heat, that was cleanly consumed, which is normally removed from an automotive shop with a  disposal cost attached. The application of used oil heaters is just one additional way that Accurate Automotive and Accurate Auto Sales saves money…Which in turn, saves the customers’ money…Business efficiency is key.

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