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Internet Honda and Acura Used Car Buying…How Much Do You Rely on a Carfax Report?

In this article we’re going to talk about A BIG PROBLEM with Internet used car online sales buying.

As many of you know, Accurate Auto Sales is a great source for Honda and Acura used cars. We strive to be the best at what we do and because of the commitment to our car purchasing customers from Tennessee, the United States and Canada.  Here in Nashville, TN we do the following:

  • The majority of our pre-owned inventory is purchased directly from American Honda Finance (AHFC), via dealer auction.
  • We seek to buy vehicles that have been titled in the southern states, where road salt corrosion is not a major factor.
  • We send one of our own technicians to the dealer auctions to buy our inventory vehicles. All of our Acura and Honda units are inspected with the eyes of a former Honda and Acura dealership technician before purchasing for our inventory.
  • Every Acura and Honda used car in our inventory is fully serviced and detailed prior to marketing. That servicing is performed by one of our staff technicians, and all five of them are former Honda and / or Acura dealership techs.
  • Our overhead is kept low, and because all maintenance, repairs and detailing is performed through our own service facility, our prices are extremely competitive.

Internet car shoppers seem to look very heavily at three numbers:  Year model, mileage, and price. Recently, we have had a few internet shoppers that are stuck strictly on price and that is where my motivation for writing this blog article comes from. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with saving money…I have been a fan of saving money all of my life.  But with that said, many car shoppers are looking on the internet for the lowest price, without considering the following:

Every year, American Honda Finance sell thousands of cars, trucks and vans through several dealer auctions across the U.S.  Of these vehicles that are sold, About 15% are sold with announced conditions such as “uni-body frame damage”. When sold at dealer auction, the condition of these Honda and Acura vehicles are fully disclosed, not only by American Honda but by the auto auction that the vehicles are consigned thru.

Many of these vehicles have a CLEAN CARFAX REPORT when sold at auction.

The majority of these frame damaged vehicles are safe to drive and look like any other used car.  But, because they are sold through dealer auction with announced derogatory conditions, these vehicles are also bought considerable cheaper than the Honda and Acura units that are sold with no derogatory announcements. THE BIG PROBLEM is that most frame damaged units are sold to the cost conscious car buyers without disclosure of the frame damage. Again, many of these units do not have accident history recorded on the Carfax Report (see above photo).

In defense of the Carfax Report…Carfax Reports are reference tools and the information provided on the report is based only on the information provided to them. Carfax is a good reference tool, but no car buyer should rely on it as a fail safe reference.

Our dealership retains the auction print-outs and we are seeing some of these Honda and Acura frame damaged units, marketed on the internet…and without frame damage disclosure. Many of these frame damaged units have been found in the inventory of small car lots in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area. Online, they look like a great deal. They usually have low mileage, and they are always the lowest priced units for their make and model.

The internet is a great tool and has revolutionized car marketing, car shopping and even car buying….but one thing has not changed. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Always do your research and be realistic. A great deal is not always a good buy.


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