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Archive for April, 2009


Honda and Acura Car Owners Reap Benefits of a “Bad Economy” at Accurate

At Accurate, we are taking advantage of the “bad economy”, and it is providing our customers some great buys on newer Honda and Acura vehicles. Let’s face it, many folks have a tendency to naturally gravitate to the negative side of an issue and the proof is in some of the things that we say…. such as, “if it can happen, it […]

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Last Year’s High Gas Prices…A Distant Memory or a Preview of More to Come?

Specializing in the sale and service of Honda and Acura automobiles, I drive a whole lot.  In my travels, I periodically see things that can cause me to reflect on events from the past. Recently, my wife and I were driving through Central Florida  after attending an Acura Remarketing Sale,  when we saw a gas station sign from just a few months ago. The station that the sign had represented was closed […]

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What do You Expect in a Factory Certified Honda or Acura Used Car?

This 2006 Acura RL pictured below had been marketed as an “Acura Certified” unit; but after our own Service Department had performed our used car inspection, this is what we found…  Have you ever heard a franchised new car dealer say, “well, our pre-owned cars are Factory Certified.”? The word “Certified” has been introduced to be a very powerful description in the used […]

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