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What do You Expect in a Factory Certified Honda or Acura Used Car?

This 2006 Acura RL pictured below had been marketed as an “Acura Certified” unit; but after our own Service Department had performed our used car inspection, this is what we found… 

Have you ever heard a franchised new car dealer say, “well, our pre-owned cars are Factory Certified.”? The word “Certified” has been introduced to be a very powerful description in the used car industry. The word “Certified” has been marketed to give the car buyer confidence in choosing a used car over that new car purchase. The word “Certified”  has been marketed to give the car buyer “peace of mind” and sends a message that “there is no need to have this vehicle inspected by a third party”. And, the word “Certified” has been marketed to be the one word excuse of why these used cars can cost $3000 or more when a car shopper purchases it, instead of buying “just a used car” .  As consumers, we are told that Factory Certified cars are given a 150 point “comprehensive” inspection and because the average person only purchases a vehicle a few times in their life; many do not think to ask the dealer 3 very important questions:

  1.  “What were those 150 inspection points” 
  2.  “What was done as a result of that comprehensive inspection”. 
  3.  “Besides looking at 150 things on this car, did you service it before putting it up for sale?”

On March 23, 2009 our dealership purchased this 2006 Acura RL from a well-known Acura dealership in Florida. Because many Honda and Acura dealers do not want to keep a vehicle in inventory longer than 60 days; they will usually sell their unsold units through dealer auction after 2 months.

 This particular Acura RL had been in their inventory since February. It had been marketed as an Acura Certified unit, which the Carfax Report and their window sticker indicate  (see photos below).


Because all of our full-time technical staff are former Honda and Acura dealership technicians; we have seen the inconsistencies that are associated with pre-owned vehicles, that many franchised dealers will sell. For this reason, even though this 2006 Acura RL had been “Factory Certified”, it still went through the same used car inspection that all of our Honda and Acura inventory units are subjected to. Our technicians found that, with exception to an engine oil & filter change, this Acura Certified Pre-Owned vehicle had  dirty  filters, the right front window was off the track, and the automatic transmission fluid had not been changed. The excuse that the Acura dealer would likely give would be, “the fluids and filters are not due to be changed until 30,000 miles, and this unit has just under 27,000 miles on it”. While the service would have been performed 3,000 miles pre-mature, the vehicle was being sold as a Factory Certified Unit… Our non-franchised, independent dealership that specializes in Honda and Acura automobiles went ahead and performed the 30,000 mile service before putting this 2006 Acura RL in our market-ready inventory….And yes, we also put the right front window back in the track. (See photos below)

The Engine Air Filter:

The Cabin Air Filter (commonly referred to as the micron filter) definitely did it’s job keeping out the leaves and debris when the inside air was in the fresh mode.


The photo below is the automatic transmission fluid. The fluid in the jar on the left was a sample of some that we drained from the transmission. The fluid in the jar on the right is new Genuine Honda Transmission Fluid (part# 08200-9001A). In an earlier blog post:


we wrote about the importance of changing this fluid annually or every 15,000 miles.

At www.accuratecars.com we strive to be the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to purchase and service your Honda and Acura automobiles. If you look at our online  inventory you will notice that we try to give our customers all of the information we can about the Honda and Acura vehicles that they are looking to purchase. This information includes:

  • How and where our dealership obtained the vehicle.
  • When and how it was previously titled    (leased or purchased).
  • What state it was previously titled and registered in.
  • Warranty Status: If there is a “balance of Factory Warranty Remaining”.
  • An available and accessable free copy of the Carfax Report  on each individual vehicle.
  • And finally, we supply a specific list of the items that our own Service Department did to bring each individual Honda & Acura vehicle to the standards that we feel are accurate quality. (actual example below)

In preparation to market this 2006 Acura RL, our own Service Department performed our complete used car inspection, performed the 30,000 mile service procedure, and re-installed the right front glass in the window channel and adjusted right front window tracks. The 30,000 mile service included:

  • Changed Engine Oil & FIlter
  • Changed Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Changed the Front Differential Fluid
  • Changed the Rear Differential Fluid
  • Installed a New Engine Air Filter
  • Installed a New Cabin Air Filter
  • Rotated & Balanced the Tires
  • Inspected the Front and Rear Brake Pads
  • Load Tested the Battery and Charging System
  • Checked All Other Fluid Levels
  • Checked All Exterior Lights
  • Installed New Windshield Wiper Blade Inserts

Now,  this 2006 Acura RL is a quality used car and that it why we say, “Always Expect Certified Quality in all of our Honda and Acura inventory”.

Please tell us what you think about this blog….

  • Do we give the adequate information that you would determine to be appropriate in making a valid choice in your next Honda or Acura automobile purchase?
  • Do you wish all dealers provided this type of information about their inventory vehicles?
  • Is there any other information that we could provide that would help you compare our Honda and Acura inventory units to others that are in the market?
  • And finally, being previously marketed as an Acura Certified Used Car; if you had purchased this 2006 Acura RL from the dealer in Florida, would you have assumed that the 30,000 mile service to have already been performed even though this unit only had 26,563 miles on it? 


2 Responses to “What do You Expect in a Factory Certified Honda or Acura Used Car?”

  1. 1
    David Campbell Says:

    Hello Ed,
    I know from personal experience that the “certified”
    designation on a used car can be meaningless.

    In 2003 my wife and I purchased a 2001 Solara convertible from a prominent Toyota dealership in the suburb of Birmingham, AL, known as Hoover. It was “certified”!

    Yeah, certified that the power supply did not work. Certified that the top was coming loose at a rear corner. Certified that at least one parking light did not work. There were other things that escape my memory now. But what I definitely remember is that when I patiently and respectfully brought these and other problems to the attention of the dealership, I was apparently “certified” to receive no satisfaction at first. Only after repeated requests, and contacting the American Toyota headquarters was I finally given some money for my troubles.

    The point is, these people obviously labelled a car as “certified” which gave a false sense of security to me, an average automobile buyer. Well, now this dealership is also “certified” – as never being in danger of having me as a customer again!

    I know from experience that this is the opposite way you do business, Ed. That is why Sandra and I have returned time and again to your dealership. No “certified” mumbo-jumbo – just facts – just the TRUTH!

    David Campbell
    Murfreesboro, TN

  2. 2
    ebrian Says:

    Other customers have related similar scenarios where the Certified Program was actually abused by franchised dealers, but not as “in your face” obvious.

    In the most basic of “call it like you see it”, some franchised dealers that stamp their inventory vehicles as Certified are committing an act of fraud or mis-representation; which the manufacturer obviously admitted to in your case, by sending you a partial refund on your “Certified” purchase.

    Thanks for your comments.


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