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Honda and Acura Car Owners Reap Benefits of a “Bad Economy” at Accurate

At Accurate, we are taking advantage of the “bad economy”, and it is providing our customers some great buys on newer Honda and Acura vehicles.

Let’s face it, many folks have a tendency to naturally gravitate to the negative side of an issue and the proof is in some of the things that we say…. such as, “if it can happen, it will happen to me”,  it is “partly cloudy”  instead of “mostly sunny”…the glass is “half empty” instead of “half full“…This is a “bad economy“, instead of a “good opportunity“. The truth is; many will sit on the sidelines, afraid to get in the game, because “something may happen”.  Last year, it was said that the price of a gallon of gas and a Presidential election was holding back the economy; this year the experts are saying that it is the uncertain job market….What will it be next year?

At Accurate, we are comitted to our goal of being a major benefit to our customers.  Whether they are in our Service Department or in the Sales Department; our goal is to provide our customers the best car value for their hard-earned money.

Our dealership attended an Acura Remarketing Sale, via dealer auction on Wednesday and we harvested some of the “fruits” of a “bad economy”,by obtaining some really good Honda and Acura vehicles. 

We purchased 9 Honda / Acura vehices on that day, including three brand new 2009 Honda Odyssey vans from American Honda Motor Company, via dealer auction. These vans were listed as Honda Company cars, and they are considered brand new because they have not been titled yet. One of them is a 2009 Honda Odyssey EX with only 288 miles on it.

The other two are both 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring models, equipped with Navigation and Rear Entertainment Systems. In the past, our dealership has tried to avoid placing the Odyssey Touring models in our used car inventory because of the run-flat tires that are originally installed on the vehicle during production. Starting in 2008, consumers can choose between a Touring model with run-flat technology tires or a Touring without the expensive tires. Both of these 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring models have normal tires on them, which can be identified by the 5 spoke factory alloy wheel and a“389” in the middle of the vehicle serial number (vin).

  These Odyssey units have a little over 500 miles on them,  full factory warranty, all of the keys, all of owners manuals, the factory floor mats (still in the original packaging) and everything else that should be included with a brand new Honda Odyssey.

Not being previously titled;  I do not know this as a fact, but I would suspect these vans were inventory stock from a franchised dealer that went out-of-business. These vans can be purchased at over $6000 below MSRP, giving our customers an excellent opportunity to harvest some of that “good fruit” from a “bad economy”. 

At www.accuratecars.comwe specialize exclusively in the sale and service of Honda and Acura vehicles. We are not a franchised dealer, but are considered by many to be “an oasis”from the high costs associated with the franchised dealership. At Accurate, our entire full time staff of service personnel are former Honda and Acura dealer technicians. We do not compromise quality to make an extra dollar in profit. We use  genuine Honda fluids in our Service Department, and the majority of our repairs and maintenance procedures promote the use of genuine Honda & OEM (original equipment manufacturer) service parts.  Come in and see why we are the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to purchase and service your Honda and Acura vehicles.

 By the way, today it was “mostly sunny”.

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