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Use Genuine Honda Fluids for Best Results when Servicing your Honda and Acura Auto

If you want your Honda and Acura automobiles to perform at the best level; to be the most reliable, and to have long life; only use Genuine Honda and Acura fluids. This is one of the key reasons that we have been so successful in the Nashville area of Middle Tennessee. We simply do not compromise on a very strict policy of only using Genuine Honda and Acura fluids in so many applications, which we list in this Blog article.


Economic times continue to tighten the noose on many auto repair shops and service departments….and this includes the franchised dealers in the Nashville area. Some of these franchised dealers have been around for decades; and many of them are trying different schemes in an attempt to increase customer traffic to avoid bankruptcy.

It has been reported that some dealership service departments have offered special pricing on maintenance packages and then simply omitted some of the maintenance items from the service; to adjust for their “special price”.  Some have been accused of quoting estimates that “got their foot in the door”. You know this type of scenario; after they dis-assemble a major part of the vehicle they say, ( “we’ve got it apart and we noticed that your car also needs this other part and that is not included in the original price” ).  Accusations of some franchised dealers using aftermarket, sub-standard parts & supplies to cut their costs, have also been reported; and while all of these practices are deceptive,  some service managers in an act of frustration and desparation, have “taken off the gloves” and resorted to simply telling lies about their competition.

Last week, the 5 days that went from Monday, April 20, 2009 thru Friday, April 24, 2009; our independent and privately owned dealership had three different customers come in and tell us that an employee of a local franchised dealer had told them that he did not think our service department (Accurate Automotive),  was using the Genuine Honda or Acura automatic transmission fluid in our service procedures. We found this ironic, because as the parts & service director for this particular car dealership; this individual had been one of our contact suppliers for the Genuine Honda / Acura transmission fluid just a few years ago. The only thing that we can figure is that he simply thought that because we were no longer buying the fluid from him, that we didn’t use it anymore.  

 Our service department has not stopped using Genuine Honda / Acura automatic transmission fluid and we felt that the two pictures above say it all. Because we are an independent /  non-franchised dealership;  we cannot buy the genuine Honda fluids directly from American Honda. Our inventory of Genuine Honda and Acura fluids must be purchased from a licensed, franchised dealer. This fluid order was purchased from a franchised Acura dealer that is in east Tennessee. One of the ways that we keep our customer’s maintenance costs lower than the franchised dealership service department;  our fluid orders are purchased in large quanities. 

 In an earlier blog post, we ademently expressed our recommendation of only using Genuine Honda ATF,  when servicing the automatic transmissions in all Honda and Acura vehicles. http://accuratecars.com/blog/2008/12/11/the-proper-method-for-flushing-honda-and-acura-automatic-transmissions/  


 At Accurate, our own Service Department uses only Genuine Honda fluids in the following applications:

  •   automatic transmission fluid (Honda part # 08200-9001 or Acura Part #08200-9001A)
  • Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid (Honda part# 08798-9006, only used in a limited number of Honda vehicles equipped with the CVT transmission)
  •  manual transmission fluid ( Honda Part# 08798-9031)
  •  VTM-4 Differential Fluid (Honda Part# 08200-9003 or Acura Part# 08200-9003A)
  •  Dual Pump fluid (Honda part # 08200-9007)
  •  power steering fluid (Honda part# 08206-9002)
  •  brake fluid (Honda part# 08798-9008)
  •  0W20 Engine Oil (Honda part# 08798-9029, only used in the Honda Insight)
  •  engine coolant antifreeze (Honda part# OL999-9011 or Acura part# OL999-9011A)


While we are in no way licensed, by American Honda Motor Company or affiliated with any franchised Honda or Acura dealerships; at Accurate our customers always expect a level of professional expertise that surpasses many franchised dealership service departments. You will find that one of the main reasons, “secrets to the success” of our independently owned / non-franchised dealership service department is that we use  so many factory and OEM service parts in our maintenance and repair procedures. This includes using Genuine Honda or Acura ATF-Z1 fluid. 

Since the opening of our original location on May 25, 1997 (the 3 photos above), we have specialized exclusively in the maintenance and repair of Honda & Acura Cars and Vehicles that are driven in Nashville and the surrounding areas of Middle TN.


Whether you live in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Murfreesboro, Rivergate, or other areas of Middle Tennessee; come in and see why we are the best place to purchase and service your Honda & Acura vehicles. The photo directly above and below are of our current facility, which was constructed in 2003.




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