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Honda and Acura Used Car Buying Tip #1: Always Reference the VIN Number

This www.accuratecars.com blog post is the first in a series of used car buying tips, that you can easily perform in conjuction with the internet, and when shopping for Honda used cars and Acura used cars.

TIP #1


Do you know how to not get ripped off buying a used car? Start your research on the internet. But understand that this research should be based on the history of the vehicle, and not how many cup holders or iPod jacks that it has.  Because you are shopping used cars, you must perform that internet research with “a foundation” or “point of reference”.

This point of reference will be the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Every vehicle has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and this is the serial number of the automobile.

The vehicle identification number is critical when shopping for a used Honda’s and when shopping for used Acura’s. This number must be referenced to access current Carfax and AutoCheck title history reports. The VIN confirms the year model of the vehicle. It identifies the model variations, such as ”Touring”, “Premium”, “Technology”, EX-L, and “Sport”.  The VIN also identifies many equipment packages that may or may not be actually on the vehicle.

Even though that internet ad may state that the vehicle is a certain year model and equipped with specific factory equipment options, in most cases, the VIN will confirm or it may dispute the ad description.

For example: Let’s take the vin of one our most recent inventory units: vin 2HNYD18905H557357, which was a 2005 Acura MDX Touring.

The first digit “2″ indicates that the vehicle was built in Canada

The 6th digit  “1″ after HNYD indicates that this vehicle is a 4 wheel drive unit

The 7th digit “8″ indicates that this vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission.

The 8th digit “9″ indicates that this Acura MDX is a Touring model and it is equipped with Navigation and RES (Rear Entertainment DVD System).

The 10th digit “5″ indicates this Acura MDX was produced as a 2005 model.

Most consumers know that the vin is located on the driver’s side of the dashboard, but their are several other places the vin can be found on a vehicle.

Most Honda and Acura vehicles will have a VIN sticker on all major body panels, if they are the original panels. These include the doors, the fenders, the hood, the trunk lid and rear hatch.

There will also be a production sticker and the Vehicle Identification Number will be on this label as well. On Honda and Acura vehicles, the production sticker is normally located on the body of the vehicle inside of the driver’s door.

If these vin labels are missing or the production sticker has been removed from the vehicle, it is possible that those body panels are not the original and have been replaced…..However, note that some models of Honda and Acura vehicles do not have vin labels that can been seen, on certain original body panels. One example of this are the early year models of the Honda Pilot. The front fenders of the Honda Pilots have the vin label behind an outer molding, instead of under the hood, where the fender labels are located on the Acura MDX.


If the right front door has a vin label, then the left front door should have a vin label and in that same place on the door as well. If a right front fender has a vin sticker in a specific place, then the left front fender should have the same vin sticker and in about the same location.

When shopping for that perfect Honda or Acura used car, always verify the VIN to the vehicle that you saw online.

Print the ad when you are at your computer. When you get to the location of the vehicle that you are interested in, check the VIN on the vehicle to the VIN on your copy of the online ad.

On most online vehicle listing sites, the Vehicle Identification Number can not be entered incorrectly. They will not be off by a couple of digits (such as tranposing the numbers when it is being typed / entered on a computer database).

If the vehicle that you see online and the vehicle that you looking at do not have the same VIN when you walk up to it, then DO NOT BUY THAT VEHICLE.

If a car dealer has multiple Honda used cars or multiple Acura used cars in their inventory; They may try to ( accidentally ) show you a clean title history report from a different vehicle, with a different VIN.


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