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Honda and Acura Cars Stay Safe During Nashville Tennessee Flood at Accurate Cars

The rains that came to Middle Tennessee this past weekend were monumental and resulted in major property damage in many areas around Nashville. Because of this; consumers considering the purchase of both used cars  and  new  cars need to be sure that their target vehicles were safe and unscathed during this time.

At Accurate, we have always respected the weather and this especially holds true during the Spring-time. We constantly monitor our local weather and when strong storms, high winds, and hail are predicted or possible; we move our Honda and Acura used cars inside of our service facility. This past weekend, the weather prediction was for heavy rains. Because Accurate was built on a high elevation off of the interstate, flooding is not an issue.

The photo below shows a storm drain and some of the impact that the flood waters had on our local area. This photo was taken after the heavy rains on Saturday afternoon and this is the highest that the waters came in the immediate area. In the background, you can see that our facility is on a significantly higher elevation and completely safe during this historic rainfall event. The second photo was taken on the following Monday morning and is at the same location; to give indication of the topography (varying elevations) of the area.

The silver lining: Middle TN has always been noted for having high pollen counts during the Spring….. Right now, even the most asthmatic can breathe easy.

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