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Honda & Acura Used Car Buying Tip #5 – Internet Car Shopping: Dealer or No Dealer?

This www.accuratecars.com blog post is number 5 in a series of used car buying tips, that you can easily perform in conjunction with the internet,  when shopping for Honda used cars and Acura used cars.

The 1st used car buying tip covered the importance of always referencing the vehicle identification number (commonly referred to as the VIN or serial number),when considering a Honda or Acura pre-owned unit that is advertised online. This is the first step, because without a VIN, a consumer cannot reference a title history report on a particular vehicle.

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The 2nd Honda & Acura used car buying tip recommended referencing the Carfax Report for possible service history records.

The direct link to Tip #2  is:


Used car buying tip #3 was one of the most important, because it showed how AutoCheck title history reports will expose “frame damaged” and / or “unibody damaged” vehicles that are sold at Manheim Auctions.

The direct link to Tip #3 is:


Used car buying tip #4 covered the importance of referencing both Autocheck and Carfax title history reports because both companies use different referencing sources for their data.This is especially important because one of the sources that autocheck uses is Manheim auto auctions. If a vehicle goes through their auction with an announced “frame damaged” condition, autocheck gets notified and they will note it on their title history reports, while Carfax may not get this information.

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Used car Buying Tip #5 – Internet Car Shopping: Dealer or No Dealer

There are many used car buyers that refuse to go through a car dealer for their used car purchases and based on their past experiences; their objection may be understandable. All types of businesses have competitors that are dishonest and may not serve the public well. There are restaurants that serve bad food. There are grocery stores that charge excessive amounts or may sell food that is past it’s “sell by” date. There are dishonest attorneys. There are banks that consumers would not open an account with or aquire a home mortgage through. And, there are many car dealers that have been known to be dishonest, charge excessive amounts, and not provide a good product……. But there are also good car dealers that are out to help consumers obtain a good deal on a used car and many of these same dealers won’t rope a car buyer into products (including extending warranties) that will have little or no benefit to the consumer..

Three reasons to using an established and respected car dealer to purchase your next used car include:

First, car dealers must be bonded and licensed. This means that car dealers are held to a professional standard that ensures compliance with Federal laws, State laws, and local ordinances. These professional standards can include selling a car that has a reasonable history, satisfying any and all past financial leins associated with the vehicle,  collecting and paying all applicable taxes that are associated with the sell of the vehicle and making sure that the ownership of the used car can be transferred with ease.  If a dealer sells a vehicle that does not have a clear title or does not meet certain criteria; the bond that he must carry will monetarily guarantee that he will fulfill his legal obligations in all car transactions. If he doesn’t fulfill his legal obligations; his bond company will financially compensate the buyer. In most cases, a car buyer does not have this level of security, if purchasing a used car from a private individual.

Second, most used car dealers have an business investment to protect.  Ever heard the phrase “good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster”? This is true in all businesses and especially true in the car business. What the dealership looks like and how long has it has been in business can greatly effect your used car buying experience. A used car dealer that has been in existence for several years and has built a reputation of being an honest and legitimate business will not likely be willing to sell a vehicle that can have repercussions that can damage his reputation. An internet car dealer that has not been in business very long and simply operates out of his house or out of a warehouse;  has very little to lose. If his reputation starts to effect the number of  cars he can sell on the internet, in a month; he can simply move his warehouse operation and change the name of his business. A private seller also has little to lose if he takes advantage of an internet car buyer.

Third, car dealers can usually save you money on a used car purchase and the newer the vehicle, the more this holds true. Used car dealers are in the business of buying and selling cars and in most cases that involve late model, low mileage vehicles;  they can save the consumer several thousand dollars off of new car prices. While good ole American car marketing attempts to make the idea of purchasing a new car as the safer and better investment, new car depreciation will bring all new cars down to a resale level that is very close to the same vehicle that is one or two years older. Because of new car depreciation,  a private individual is rarely in a position to sell the same one or two year old vehicle at a better price or that is in better condition.

At www.accuratecars.comwe are focused on all aspects of Honda and Acura car ownership. This includes buying, servicing, and repairing. Whether you live in the areas around Nashville or outside the State of Tennessee; we are in the business to help consumers with their Honda and Acura cars.

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