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Buy a Used Honda or Acura with 100,000 Miles? Are you Kidding?”

If you’ve been looking at our website you might have noticed that we have several “higher mileage” vehicles, some with 100,000 miles or more.  You might wonder why we have them  in our used car inventory.  We have them because these Honda’s and Acura’s  represent a great value for you!  In fact,  these might be your best choices if you are looking for a used vehicle.  There are several reasons why these higher mileage Hondas and Acuras may represent your best value in a used car.

1).  The fact is that good used cars are getting harder to find.  The Government “Cash for Clunkers” program removed a lot of used cars from the road, many of which were not “clunkers” at all   (http://accuratecars.com/blog/2009/08/03/is-cash-for-clunkers-a-good-deal-for-car-buyers/).  And since they had to be destroyed, they were also removed from the used car market!  That means there is a much smaller pool of used vehicles available.  Most of the buying attention is, understandably but unjustifiably,  on the “low mileage” vehicles.  The higher mileage  (but equally good and considerably less expensive) vehicles are slipping “under the radar”.  Therefore you will have a much bigger pool of quality used cars to choose from!

2). The nature of cars has changed over the last several years.  Many years ago 100,000 miles was a lot of miles on a car!  In fact, the vehicle was pretty well used up by then.  This is not true today.  Improvements in oils, metals, plastics make a much more durable vehicle.  Improvements in electronics, fuel injection and the use of computers has led to much higher mileage ceilings.  You have probably noticed that most manufacturers now offer a much longer warranty than they did in the past.  If they didn’t believe their cars would last that long they wouldn’t be able to offer such a guarantee.  Today a car that has 100,000 miles on it is barely out from under factory warranty coverage, with lots of quality miles left to go.  Many Honda and Acura owners have stories about vehicles that  lasted 300,000 miles or more with only proper maintenance! The white 1992 Accord below came in for maintenance. It has over 300,000 miles on it!)  If you want to compare eras, 100,000 miles is now what 30,000 miles used to be.  Since a lot of people haven’t noticed that simple fact yet, you can get a great deal on a “higher mileage” car that other people would simply miss!

3).  You need to remember that mileage is not the most important factor to look at when you go shopping for a car.  Age is much more important!  We’re all  familiar with the legendary “little old lady who only drove this car to church on Sundays”.  Think about that car, ok?  It may only have 30,000 miles on it, or less (if church was close by!).  But it took 10 years to accumulate those miles.  10 summers and 10 winters have dumped their worse weather on that car.  10 years of wear and tear on the exterior and the interior of the vehicle.  Plus, those are the “hard” kind of miles.  Short distances which don’t give the oil time to properly warm up and circulate.  Stop and go, low mileage trips which cause the oil to break down faster than it normally would.  And, at the same time, if she changed the oil every 5000 miles then that degraded oil might have stayed in the engine for months!  What condition do you think that car is in, even though it only has 30,000 miles on it?

Now, consider another vehicle that belonged to a professional who used it as a business vehicle. They may put 100,000 miles on the car in only 2 years!  But they are likely to be “easy” miles.  Longer trips on the highway for extended periods which gives the oil time to warm up and do its job, which is protecting your engine. Maintenance stops will likely be only weeks apart and will probably be on schedule. When you depend on  a car to make your living you tend to take care of it!  The interior will also probably be taken care of since first impressions are important in business.

Now, you make the call.  The 2 year old vehicle with 100,000 miles on it?  Or the 10 year old car with “only” 30,000 miles?  Admittedly, these are extremes, but I think you see the point.  Remember, it’s not “mileage”.  It’s “age” that makes a difference!

4). You’re dealing with Accurate Automotive!  We are not going to buy a higher mileage car and then just push it out on the lot hoping someone will buy it.   Your ‘new’ used Honda or Acura vehicle is going to be fully serviced and professionally detailed, inside and out, before  you ever see it!  What needs to be replaced will already be replaced when you buy the car.  Fluids will be new and of the highest quality.  We use only genuine Honda automatic transmission fluid (http://accuratecars.com/blog/2009/05/12/use-genuine-honda-fluids-for-best-results-when-servicing-your-honda-and-acura-auto/).  We use Castrol motor oil.  (http://accuratecars.com/blog/2009/01/22/castrol-motor-oil-selected-for-honda-and-acura-car-customers-of-accurate-automotive-in-nashville-tennessee)   If it needs tires, it will have new tires.  Our technicians have decades of experience with Hondas and Acuras.  They know what to look for and they know how to find it.  And they know what to do when it needs attention.  In short, you’re not going to drive your vehicle off our lot wondering when you’ll have to bring it back to have something fixed.  That used vehicle is fully ready to go when you buy it! And that’s not extra, it’s included in the price you see on our website.

5).  And, finally, look at dollars and cents.  A new minivan, for example, will cost you  $30,000 -$45,000.  We have a 2009 Honda Odyssey Touring Minivan with leather, a Navigation system, the Rear Entertainment (DVD) system and a staggering array of factory installed features!  It has 53,000 miles and costs $31,000. (Picture on left below)  As you can see, that’s a great deal!  However, we also have a 2008 Honda Odyssey Touring minivan with leather, the Navigation System, the DVD system and many, many more features.  It has 90,000 miles on it and is $20,900! (Middle picture below)  Or, how about a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L with leather, Navigation, DVD and lots of other factory installed features?  It has 103,930 miles (remember, that’s barely out of warranty!) on it.  Price? $17,990!  (Picture at right below) ( go to   http://accuratecars.com  for more great deals on Honda and Acura used cars!)

Most minivans are used for family activities.  Sports practices and games, picnics, vacations, shopping, dropping students off at school and picking them up and all the other things that make up the daily life of your family!  Why spend 2 or 3 times what our minivan would cost for a new or lower mileage one?   It’s expensive enough to raise a family, why spend money you don’t have to just to get a  vehicle?  You’ll still end up with a high quality minivan that’s packed with features, value and the famous Honda and Acura reliability!

Remember, it’s the age that counts!  And a 2008 is only 3 years old!  Even a 2006 is only 5 years old!

Finally, on a personal note, the wife of the owner of Accurate Automotive drives a 2003 Honda Pilot with 190,000 miles on it.  Recently she and and a group of teenagers from their church were going to St. Louis for a missions project and they needed extra seating and sliding doors.  So, instead of the 2003 Honda Pilot, they drove a 2006 Honda Odyssey with  145,000 miles on it.  The owner didn’t hesitate to put his own wife and children (along with other people’s children) in the minivan because he knows firsthand the quality and the reliability of the Honda Minivan!  He would never dream of asking you to trust a vehicle that he doesn’t trust  himself.  He puts his money where his mouth is!

A Honda Odyssey with “higher” mileage, even over 100,000 miles, might just be your best value in a pre-owned vehicle!


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