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Fuel Saving Tips for Honda and Acura Drivers

As the temperatures rise, so do the gasoline prices for Honda Car Owners.  Consider the following steps to save money and get every drop of fuel that you are being charged for.

It is not likely that we will forget those high fuel prices that effected everyone in the U.S. back in 2008.  We wrote a blog on it called  Last Year’s High Gas Prices…A Distant Memory or a Preview of More to Come?

We have listed three fuel saving tips that we remind our customers about during the summer.  These gas saving tips will save you money and we will even tell you why it will save you money.

TIP #1  Buy your gas when it’s the coolest.  During the summer, things cool off during the night.  For this reason, the best time to gas up your vehicle is very early in the morning.

The Reason you want to gas-up in cooler temperatures is simple….The gas station supply storage tanks are underground and in a much cooler environment, so the gas in them is also cooler and more dense.  When you fill up the car on a hot day, that cooler liquid gasoline enters your car’s hot fuel tank and some of it immediately expands to a vapor.  These vapors go in one of the three places….Some of these vapors are recovered by a special vapor recovery system incorporated in the handle of the gas station’s filling mechanism and are returned to the underground storage tank.  As these vapors are returning to the underground storage tank they get cooler again and change back to a liquid state.  If filling a portable gas can, boat, motorcycle or lawnmower, some of these vapors simply escape into the atmosphere.  On all automobiles manufactured in the last 20 plus years, the vapors can also go into a charcoal vapor canister located in the engine compartment of the car…

Bottom line:  Filling-up on a hot afternoon results in paying for a full gallon of liquid gasoline and getting a partial gallon of liquid gasoline and a lot of unusable vapor.

Tip #2  Fill up the fuel tank when the gauge shows half a tank of fuel remaining.  This is especially important during the highest and hottest temperatures.

Here’s the reason for keeping the fuel level between half a tank and full in those summer temperatures.  As the liquid fuel level drops in the gas tank of your car, it creates an airspace.  As the fuel level drops, the airspace increases between the top of the gas tank and the surface of the liquid fuel level.  This creates a place for evaporation to take place.  Gasoline evaporates faster than you may think.  Incidentally, those big above ground gasoline storage tanks that are owned by the oil companies have an internal flouting ceiling, which prevents an air gap from forming in the top of the fuel tank.  This is because the oil companies know that fuel evaporates quickly and that’s money in their pocket that would simply evaporate if an air gap formed inside those massive tanks.

Tip #3  The slower it flows, the further you go.  Simply put, fill your fuel tank on the slowest speed setting.

After reading this article, this should be easy to figure out because it also pertains to fuel that vaporizes and is lost during the filling process.  If you set that gas pump on the fastest setting, you create excess fuel vapors, which are created while pumping gas.  Remember, this is gas that you are paying for, but losing during a fill-up because of it’s change in forms from a cool liquid to a warmer vapor.

At Accurate Automotive, we care about our customers and the Honda and Acura vehicles that they drive and depend on everyday of their lives.  In this economy, every penny counts and we are committed to saving our customers money.

Whether you live in Nashville, Tennessee or in an area around Middle Tennessee, come in and see why we are the best place in the State of Tennessee to purchase and service your next Honda and Acura vehicle.




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