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Acura Nashville used car buyers purchasing northern units

Nashville Acura used car buyers beware of the northern cars. Since it’s introduction in 1986, Acura, the upper automobile echelon of American Honda Motor Company has been increasingly recognized as being an excellent value in the used car market. However, American Honda Motor Company makes far fewer Acura cars, when compared to the production numbers of the Honda automobile line. This definitely helps retain the Acura used car values.

Because of the initial sticker-shocking price of a new Acura vehicle; many of these units are originally titled under a 36 month lease agreement, through American Honda Finance Company. After they come off lease, an Acura vehicle can be an extremely good used car value to the consumer, but buyer beware.

Logistically, Nashville, Tennessee is close to the northern ‘salt belt’ region of the United States. Many Nashville, TN area used car dealers  will acquire used Acura cars from states such as Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. These dealers can obtain Acura units from these northern states and have them shipped by truckloads to Nashville, TN cheaper than you may think.

While most Tennessee residents understand that road salt causes corrosion issues to the undercarriage of all cars, most TN residents do not realize how quickly road salt corrosion can develop or the severity of it. An individual that has lived in the northern states does not usually own their car for very long. If they own a car, many will lease it simply because of the environment they will be driving it in. Road salt pelts the painted surfaces of the front bumper and hood. The highly corrosive effects of the salt will damage the undercarriage and pits the edge of the alloy wheels, eventually causing the tires to leak air around the wheel’s rim. Bent wheels are also very common because of the rough, northern roads, where the ice melts, then re-freezes, resulting in huge potholes.

Northern state residents understand that there is a limit to how long any car can be exposed to the corrosive effects of road salt, winter after winter. This makes it very difficult to sell a northern Honda or Acura used car to a northern resident. Want some validation for this? Simply log on eBay Motors and see how many sellers are offering Honda and Acura used cars from northern states. These eBay sellers can’t sell them locally, so they post them on a website that has national exposure, instead of only local exposure, such as craigslist.

In 1997, Accurate Automotive commenced operations to help Honda and Acura car owners maintain their vehicles, with a level of quality and professionalism (expected from the dealer) that had waned in the prior years. In 2004, the owners of Accurate Automotive also started a sales division, to assist Honda and Acura car buyers find good quality vehicles. The sales division is not a high volume seller, but instead focuses on the quality and value it can provide the consumer. Accurate Automotive and Accurate Auto Sales both understand that northern cars are bad news for the customer and consumer. Come in and see why we are the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to purchase, service, repair and maintain your Honda and Acura vehicles.


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