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Acura RDX specifically searched for and found for customer


We acquired this 2015 Acura RDX from American Honda Lease Trust. This Acura RDX is an accident free, one owner, non-smoker unit that was previously registered in Miami, Florida.

We purchased this Acura RDX specifically  for a long-time service customer. He was tired of the ‘run-around’. The local Acura dealer wanted to sell him a similar unit for several thousand dollars more ( by the time the multiple fees were added into the final, out-the-door price). And he didn’t want the 2 year older Acura RDX unit,  from the local BMW dealer, which had over 50,000 miles on it….  That is what two local Nashville based franchised  dealers were offering this customer, for a major consumer purchase.

 The timeline was this… We purchased this vehicle for our customer on a Friday from an American Honda sponsored sale in Florida…. On the following Monday we flew a driver to Florida and drove the vehicle back to Tennessee…. We cleaned up the interior and exterior on Tuesday…. Also ordered a left tail light on Tuesday from our Acura parts supplier in Knoxville, TN (noticed it was cracked while cleaning the exterior of the vehicle)….  On Wednesday we installed the left tail light, performed the 30,000 mile service procedure, rotated and balanced the tires, checked the alignment, and installed a new set of factory replacement windshield wiper inserts….  And the customer took delivery of the vehicle on Thursday… He bought the EXACT VEHICLE he was looking for, with the mileage he was comfortable with and the SPECIFIC COLOR COMBINATION he wanted.

At Accurate Automotive, we have been specializing in the service and repair of Honda and Acura vehicles for over 20 years. Our first day of operation in our original facility was May 25, 1997.

We have also been a licensed used car dealer since September of 2004. Pre-owned used car sales makes up less than 10% of our business model and was basically established to assist the local used car buyers purchase good, used Honda and Acura pre-owned vehicles…. We do not sell those worthless extended warranties and we do not play the car dealer ‘games’

Tired of the dealership ‘run-around’? Do you get nauseous when you think about buying a ‘new’ car at a dealership?

Looking for a source for your next used Honda or Acura that you can rely on and trust both during the purchase process and (more importantly) after the acquisition of your vehicle when it must be maintained and repaired periodically?

Come in and see why we are the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to purchase, service, and maintain your Honda and Acura vehicles.

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