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One Honda CRV saved from the wrath of Hurricane Irma

We acquired this Honda CRV specifically for a customer, who was replacing her 1999 Toyota RAV 4, which was rear-ended on August 4th. 

A common used car buying assumption is all pre-owned cars that come from franchised car dealers, are in good mechanical shape and have been fully ‘checked-out’. This 2012 Honda CRV came from a franchised car dealer’s inventory in Sarasota, Florida. We went down and drove it back to TN from FL., on the Thursday before Hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys on Saturday. When it arrived at our facility on Friday morning, it had aftermarket brake pads on it (which a franchised dealership tech had installed upside down). Not only were the brake pads installed incorrectly but the brake pad retaining clip was hitting the left front brake rotor, making a constant high-pitched squeal when the vehicle was rolling (similar to the same sound one would hear when the brake pads need to be replaced). This used car (that came from a franchised dealer’s used car inventory) also had  a dirty engine air filter, the car battery was bad,  the tires were out of balance, and the fluids needed to be changed. But it had probably been ‘through their 150 point used car inspection’.

I can hear them now; “Yes, we did see (inspect) that dirty engine air filter while we were putting it back in the car”.

Prior to selling this CRV to our customer; we fully serviced this Honda CR-V. This included changing the engine oil & filter, changing the automatic transmission fluid, changing the brake fluid, machining the front brake rotors (using an on car brake lathe), installing new genuine Honda replacement brake pads on the front and rear axles, rotating and balancing the tires, performing a 4 wheel alignment, installing a new set of genuine Honda replacement windshield wiper inserts, installing a new battery and servicing the A/C system, — meaning evacuating the A/C system and recharging the refrigerant to full capacity (the R134A refrigerant level was approx. 10 ounces low). Please note: This vehicle had been for sale, in a franchised dealer’s used car inventory for over 60 days and it needed servicing. Imagine that!

At Accurate Automotive; we have been specializing in the service and repair of Honda and Acura vehicles for over 20 years. Our first day of operation was 05-25-97. In 2004, we obtained a used car dealer’s license to assist our customers in obtaining good quality used cars without having to go to a dealership. Let’s face it; in the automotive industry (both car repair and pre-owned used car sales) there are a tremendous number of pitfalls and financial ‘landmines’.

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