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In Honda and Acura car repair; is the customer always right?

As Americans we have an insatiable appetite for controversy. Our actions prove it. Many watch Fox News. A few watch CNN and MSNBC. We will tune in after the Emmy Awards Show to see what actors were willing to reveal their brilliant thoughts on political policy, including but not limited to National defense. And many Honda and Acura car owners have their stereos tuned to local talk radio stations.

Because so many Honda and Acura car owners find controversy and debate to be entertaining and enlightening; we decided show you a recent email from a disgruntled customer. American Honda’s production on the Honda Accord that this customer owns was a very low. It is a Honda Accord V6 sedan, with a 6 speed manual transmission – vin:  1HGCM65557A092253.

In December of 2016, we towed this vehicle off of a road, that runs behind Nissan Motor Manufacturing, in Smyrna, TN. The clutch simply would pull the vehicle no further. When our technical staff removed the transmission, it was discovered that the catastrophic failure of the clutch assembly had been a ‘long and violent death’. As a result, the vehicle needed more than a clutch, pressure plate, release bearing and pilot bearing. It also needed the front part (bell housing) of the transmission because of damage and wear. It also needed a new flywheel because it had been exposed to a tremendous amount of heat, where the customer had continued to operate the vehicle, knowing it had a problem. Soon after the vehicle was fixed, the owner of this vehicle moved to the State of Georgia and now claims she is having the same failure, again. Below are the email correspondences. Obviously, we edited the email to protect the customer’s  identity.  Let us know what you think.

Disgruntled customer’s message:

This letter is to express my disappointment from the service I was provided in January 2017. I have brought my 2007 Honda Accord in for service to Accurate Auto Repair more than once and was pleased with the service I received. In December 2016 my clutch and housing went out on my Accord, it was towed to Accurate Auto for repairs. In January 2017 the work was finished totaling $3800. In June of 2017 I was having problems again, similar to the issue I had in December 2016, my clutch and housing needed to be replaced again! I took it to a mechanic in Douglasville, GA to look at the car, I was told it was defiantly the clutch and housing again. I spoke to Ed and discussed the issue. I was trying to get the car towed to LaVergne because the parts are still under warranty. During my conversations with Ed, I was repeatedly told the clutch wasn’t my issue, it had to be spring in transmission. Per advice from Ed I took the car to a Honda Dealership Repair, again was told the clutch and housing needed to be replaced. Hoping that the warranty parts could be used at the Honda Dealership in GA. After discussing this with Ed I was still told that wasn’t the issue! Here is my problem: I paid almost $4000 for a repair that lasted less than 6 months! I now do not have a car because I cannot afford to pay another $4000 for the same repair. I did not feel comfortable sending my car to Accurate Auto Repair because Ed refused to believe that the clutch was my issue again (even after 2 mechanics looked at it) and I knew I would be charged for additional work. I was told that maybe someone didn’t know how to drive a stick shift… I have been driving manual transmission for 21 years, I know how to drive a stick!! I offered to just get reimbursed for the labor and even send the parts back but it was refused. If there was a known problem with the transmission that would cause my clutch to go out, why was I not notified that the repair wasn’t going to be sufficient? This exchange turned into a yelling match and became very unprofessional. At that point in time I realized that I couldn’t take my car back to Accurate Auto Repair, but I am now without a car after just paying $3800 to get it fixed!! I have little options at this point but to take the loss of money and car…. I do plan on making sure I let everyone know on social media, through reviews, and other online avenues about the issue with Accurate Auto Repair and for customers to beware of using Accurate Auto Repairs. I really wish there was another way to fix this problem but the refusal of Accurate Auto to help me leaves me with no options.

This was our reply.

  1. Do you know that in your email, you refer to yourself ( I, me, my) over 40 times?
  2. Do you know that we will not simply ‘cut a check’ to you for warranty reimbursement, based on your claim that there is a problem with your clutch?
  3. Do you know that we must authenticate your claim, confirming that there is a problem with parts or workmanship, before providing any warranty work?
  4. Did you know that just one month ago a customer came in needing an A/C expansion valve in his 2012 Acura TL? The Acura dealer (in his resident State of WV) told him he needed a $1600 A/C compressor.
  5. Do you remember that when your car was towed in December of 2016 for clutch failure; you had driven it, knowing there was a problem and kept driving it until it would no longer pull itself?
  6. Did you know that the ‘housing’ you are referring to (as having failed) is the bell housing of the transmission, that the release bearing rides on? – You got the last one Honda had in inventory. Honda Part number 21000-RAT-305
  7. Did you know that to install that housing (that you claim has failed), we had to transfer the main shaft and counter shafts to it? That’s when we identified evidence that transmission had been ‘opened up’ before.
  8. Did you know parts were inside that transmission, installed upside down, damaged, and no longer available from Honda?
  9. Do you realize that your bill was less than $3800 even though you needed the transmission bell housing and the dual mass flywheel? Do you realize that these  2 parts alone accounted for over $1200 of the bill (before sales tax)?
  10. Do you remember that you were not allowed access to one of our service loaner cars during this repair even though they were available? Do you know why? — (see point 11)
  11. Did you know when you were granted one of our service loaner cars (in Feb. 2016); it had to be thoroughly cleaned on the inside when you returned it? This was because your party had eaten in it, you had smoked in it, and it was nasty.
  12. Did you know that 2 attempts have been made to get your car to Accurate Automotive, from Georgia, pertaining to this claim, and involved 3 transport companies.

Currently, if your 2007 Honda Accord has less than 188,000 miles on the odometer, if (in the unlikely event) the parts have simply failed, and if a parts failure is not associated with abusive driving; then the parts and labor (associated with Repair Order 164043) are both under warranty with Accurate Automotive — AT the  Accurate Automotive facility in LaVergne, TN….. If you have no money;  why would you burn that bridge, if you have a legitimate claim?




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