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When to Retire Tired Tires on Honda and Acura Vehicles

When did tire safety on passenger cars and light trucks become a convenient option? My shop, Accurate Automotive has specifically specialized in the repair and service of Honda and Acura vehicles for more than 20 years. During the last two decades; it has been surprising (and sort of scary) the amount of unconcern that many drivers have pertaining to the tires they are riding on.

Honda and Acura cars are what many drivers would refer to as “zippy’. On most road conditions they handle very well. As a result;  driver over-confidence (especially on wet pavement) coupled with the natural degradation and wear of the tire probably causes more accidents that any other mechanical reason.

In this article, I would like to bring two important tire facts to the reader’s attention:

The first is that in the real world of Honda and Acura drivers; an average timespan that a tire is mounted on a Honda or Acura vehicle will not exceed 5 years. This is based on a Honda or Acura car that is driven daily and the annual mileage accumulated is over 12,000 miles, per year. Of course there are always exceptions to the average.  However, under normal driving conditions and car owners with reasonable concern for their own safety, the safety of others, and the desire for a good ride; many will replace tires at least every 60 months and should replace the tires within 7 years of the time the tires were manufactured, even if the tread depth does not justify it. Again, this article and facts pertain to Honda and Acura vehicles.

So how can you determine the age of tires? It’s very simple. On every passenger car and light truck tire there will be a 4 digit number branded or stamped in one of the two sidewalls of each tire. This 4 digit number identifies the week and year the tire was manufactured. The photo below shows the number, “4910”. This indicates that this tire was made during the 49th week of the year 2010.

The second important tire fact is tire rubber deteriorates. Please note: All of the photos in this article are of one tire (remember above – “4910?). These shop photos were taken in June of 2014, when this particular tire was less than 4 years old. Because “pictures are worth 1000 words“; please notice the cracking on this popular and expensive brand of tire. Cracking in the sidewalls and cracks in the tread can eventually be found on all tires, after years of exposure to the elements. However, it has been our experience that one well-known brand of tire has some major issues with early surface cracking after 3 or 4 years.

In closing; two final remarks:

First, the photo directly above shows two narrow rubber pieces in the middle of the tire tread grooves. These are wear bars and when the radius of the tire wears to these bars, then the tread depth is too shallow to safely drive on. If you drive through a large puddle of water with a tire with a shallow tread depth; the water in that puddle cannot displace into these tread grooves. As a result, the water can cause the tire to float across the water causing an out-of-control situation known as hydroplaning. Hydroplaning causes cars wrecks, injury and fatalities every day and in many cases was avoidable with decent tire tread depth.

Second, Honda and Acura owners should always use the correct tire size and speed rating, specified by the car manufacturer. The specific tire specs of every Honda and Acura car, truck, van  and SUV (intended for use in North America) can be found on a label, on the body of the vehicle. During assembly, this label is originally installed on all Honda and Acura vehicles and is usually located on the inside of the driver’s door or driver’s door jamb.


If you choose to use a different size tire or lower speed rating, other than those specified by American Honda Motor Company; this could be considered a contributing factor if you’re involved in a car wreck, even if your vehicle was not the initial cause of the incident.

At Accurate Automotive, we have specifically specialized in Honda and Acura vehicle repair and service for over 20 years. We are in middle Tennessee, just one interstate exit outside of Nashville, TN city limits, in a little area called LaVergne. The Accurate Automotive facility fronts I-24 east at exit 64 and is very convenient to Nashville. The convenience of this service facility has become even more important as Nashville Metro Davidson County continues to rapidly grow and expand, making traffic congestion worse in many areas including Downtown Nashville, Murfreesboro, Cool Springs, and Franklin.  Give us a visit and you’ll see why we are the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to service, repair, and even purchase your Honda and Acura vehicles.

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