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Used Acura TL Delivers Value for Your Money

Want value, class, luxury, reliability and low maintenance costs in your next used car purchase? Consider the 2007 Acura TL; which is produced by American Honda. At the writing of this article, several 2007 Acura TL units are coming off of 36 month lease, through American Honda, and many of these units are still under the balance of […]

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Honda and Acura Used Car Shortage for First Quarter 2009 at Accurate Cars

At first glance from I-24 West going into Nashville, it looks like Accurate is getting out of the car selling business….Not to worry, we’re just a little low on pre-owned Honda and Acura inventory units. First of all, we want to thank all of our car buyers who chose to purchase their new Honda and Acura used cars […]

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Acura RL Used Car Purchased and Delivered to another Satisfied Accurate Cars Customer.

We just delivered an Acura RL to another new satisfied Accurate customer.  On Thursday morning, a very nice gentleman came in from the Brentwood / Franklin area of Middle Tennessee and bought one of our  2005 Acura RL used cars. We acquired this particular Acura RL from American Honda just 2 weeks ago and we knew it wouldn’t […]

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Accurate Auto Sales Equation for Establishing Honda and Acura Car Sales Values

Save money when buying your next pre-owned Honda or Acura automobile by using this simple but effective equation to determine the true value of the vehicle. Accurate Auto Sales, which is a part of Accurate Automotive, owns the website www.accuratecars.com and is considered by many to be the best place to buy pre-owned Honda and Acura automobiles in Nashville, Tennessee. Accurate’s pre-owned Honda […]

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2009 Honda Pilot Test Drive

With design improvements to the new 2009 Honda Pilot,  a 680 mile test drive was given to the first one that we drove back to our dealership in Nashville, Tennessee. This test drive has enabled me to give you this Accurate report of the new 2009 Honda Pilot 2WD Touring. As many of you know, I am the inventory purchaser for Accurate Auto Sales.  Even […]

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