1. Where does Accurate Automotive get its inventory?

The majority of our inventory is purchased thru dealer auction directly from American Honda Finance Company (AHFC). Most of the units are lease turn-ins and have only been titled in the South. Northern vehicles are subject to harsh winter conditions that mandate the use of road salt, body and engine corrosion can be present within just a few months. For this reason, our firm makes a concerted effort only to purchase vehicles that have been titled in Southern states. Our vehicle description always tells the title history including disclosure of the number of owners, accident damage (if any), and what states the vehicle has been titled in.

2. What are the selection criteria for selecting a car to resell?

We consider seven major issues when purchasing cars to sell to our customers:

  • Is the vehicle a Southern titled unit?
  • Has the car been smoked in?
  • Is the vehicle clean and well-maintained both inside and out?
  • Does the vehicle have an accident history?
  • Does the exterior have dents, scrapes, scratches, or other flaws?
  • Does the vehicle have the original factory documentation, including owner’s manuals?
  • How many keys does this vehicle have with it?

3. Who buys Accurate’s inventory?

Our inventory is purchased solely by Ed Brian and Troy Ball, our CEO and Vice-President. Ed and Troy are both experienced technicians that worked for many years at Honda and Acura dealerships in the Middle Tennessee area. That means the Acura or Honda automobile that you purchase from us has been hand-picked by a veteran technician who knows what to look for when inspecting a pre-owned Honda or Acura for purchase.

4. What steps are performed on each car prior to selling it?

A used car inspection is performed on all of our vehicles. During the inspection, our technicians, who are all former Honda dealership technicians, check the car for needed maintenance, tire condition (age and tread), brakes, battery condition, alternator output and climate control (both heat and air conditioning). Before we offer any Honda or Acura automobile for sale, the vehicle will be completely up-to-date on maintenance, safety, reliablity, and thoroughly clean inside and out. Before one of our cars is ready to sell, it meets the same criteria as what a dealership calls a “certified unit.”

5. Do we offer financing?

We not only have a finance department which makes it much easier to buy our great Acura and Honda automobiles, but we attempt to secure financing for all our buyers thru The Tennessee Credit Union. By doing this, our customers have access to some of the most competitive rates in the market at any given time.