Shop Vac vs Professional Carpet Extractor

 A few years ago when Accurate Auto Sales was just beginning, we would clean the carpets with a hand brush and a foamy aerosol carpet cleaner then follow that up with thoroughly vacuuming the carpet with a shop vac. This was not only extremely time consuming but also a very inefficient way to clean carpets, especially Honda Odysseys which had mega floor space and kid clean-ups.

Well, a couple of months ago we made a great move by purchasing a professional heated carpet extractor. This is the best tool that we have ever purchased for the removal of dirt from carpet, cloth seats and headliners.

What we do is very simple. We start by vacuuming the carpet and under the seats with the shop vac. Then, we use the carpet extractor. This machine sprays a very fine mist of solution at around 200 degrees and immediately vacuums it up into a recovery tank. Finally, the vehicle is placed in a stall inside our facility to dry completely before placing plastic mats in the floorboard for customer display.

You will be amazed at what we can get out of a carpet, cloth seats, and especially headrests that looked clean before we started!

Because we are committed to providing our customers a clean car at Accurate Auto Sales, the carpet extractor is used on all of our inventory prior to marketing. 

The carpet extraction services are also available to our Honda an Acura automobile service customers with appointment.