Have you ever gone online to Ebay Motors and searched thru the automobile listings to see who is selling what? If you have and were paying close attention, you may have realized that the majority of vehicles being sold were from Northern locations like NY, WI, RI, CT and PA. The reason is clear and by simply talking with someone from the North or reading this article, you will quickly understand.

Many Northerners do not buy used cars from Northern states. Having lived in the areas where winters are severe and salt is heavily applied to roads, they know the effect on vehicles, even units that are only a couple of years old. While sheet metal components such as fenders and quarter panels may not show corrosion for several years; undercarraige components are effected very quickly. Items such as exhaust systems, brake rotors & calipers, and alignment adjusters can give problems very quickly. Corrosion problems that can effect a Northern vehicle in a few short months, may not give problems with a Southern vehicle for more than a decade.

Whether purchasing your next Honda or Acura vehicle from Accurate Auto Sales or another dealer, we encourage all shoppers to place serious consideration in the previous title state(s).

It is no accident that the majority our inventory at Accurate Auto Sales was previously titled in the South.