Forget the Cost and Know You Can Stop

I must begin by reminding our readers that before we started selling pre-owned Honda and Acura automobiles; we repaired and serviced them exclusively for more than 10 years. This decade of specialization does not include the combined years that all of our technicians spent in the service departments of franchised Honda and Acura dealerships in the middle Tennessee area. We feel that with our level of technical expertise in Honda and Acura automobiles, that we are qualified to write on this subject.

There are many words that do not need to be in the same sentence. These would include but are not limited to affordable airbags, low-priced life preservers (if you are a boater) and budget brake systems.

Of all systems and components of a vehicle, by far, the most important is the brake system. It is the brake system that is activated by the driver more than any other system on a vehicle. It is the brake system that prevents bodily injury and property damage. And it is the brake system that can prevent a guilty conscience and life-changing legal issues in the event a fatality resulted from your car not stopping.

While everyone wants to save money whenever possible; with the brake system being so vital, it is amazing the number of people that will "go cheap" on brake repair. We encourage all Honda and Acura owners not to compromise their brakes. Remember why you  drive or are shopping to buy a Honda vehicle. Reliability always comes with a price tag and in most cases you get exactly what you pay for, especially in the car business. 

Whether it is Honda or Acura automobile in our service department  for repair or one of our inventory units, at Accurate Automotive and Accurate Auto Sales, we only use genuine factory brake pads. During a used inventory vehicle inspection , our technicians will automatically install new Honda / Acura brake pads if the vehicle has a non-factory (aftermarket) set, no questions asked.

Brakes are most important and the application of genuine Honda brake pads on your Honda or Acura automobile is always your best choice. While they may be a little more expensive, genuine Honda brake pads will last longer, stop quieter, and will not warp the rotors as easily as aftermarket sets.