Honda and Acura Customer Testimonials

Customer: Brittany & James

Vehicle Purchased: Honda Odyssey

Purchased: May 2013


Thank you very much for selling us our first family vehicle.  We feel that we got the best deal out there thanks to you.  Not only was the ability to find the vehicle that best suited the needs of our family made quick and painless by your website that gave a beyond what was expected detailed description of the vehicle we were interested in, your knowledge and openness to sharing your expertise with us put our minds at ease.  We could not imagine traveling close to 500 miles for anything less than what you and your company has to offer and we have already spoke very highly of Accurate Honda to our friends and family.  Hopefully you will be getting some more buisiness all the way from Mobile, Alabama!  Make sure you recommend them the "good test drive" route as well. Ha! 

We are very pleased with our Honda Odyssey and look forward to the many memories that will come along with owning a larger vehicle.  Thank you for everything and my God bless you and your family especially for your generosity of sharing your time and talents.


Brittany & James
Mobile, Alabama 


Customer: Thomas & Lucinda

Vehicle Purchased: 2009 Acura TSX

Purchased: December 2011

You are one of in a million!  Thank you again for all the professional guidance and assistance in purchasing our second car from you.  Best Wishes to you and your family this Christmas and for the coming New Year!

In appreciation,

Cindy & David 


Customer: Jim & Loretta, Kentucky

Vehicle Purchased: 2008 Acura TL

Purchased: May 2011


I had to write and tell you how WONDERFUL our car purchase experience was with you and Accurate Motor Sales. I have traded cars MANY times in my life and I can say without reservation that it was the MOST PLEASANT and effortless experience EVER!

I hate trading cars because it is usually an ALL DAY ordeal.  I can't believe that you had ALL the paperwork completed.  And, you had done all the leg work with the Credit Union for financing as well.  The navigation system took us to the Credit Union.  It was awesome!  We even had time to run to an assisted living facility in Murfreesboro.  I visited my uncle that I seldom get to see.  It was a great visit!  He was so delighted to see me, and it was so sweet of you to help us with that too.  We returned with the paper-work to Accurate, and we were finished and ready to leave in only a few minutes. (I am so spoiled now!)

I had heard about an outlet mall not too far from there.  It was so nice of you to get me their address.  I entered the address in our "new" car's navigation, and we were off.  We arrived without a problem.  We shopped for an hour or so.  As we walked back to the car, we realized we really had NO idea where we were.  I entered our home address into the car and were off again.  We traveled a few back roads with beautiful scenery and before we knew it we were merging onto I-65 North and headed home.  We are soooo glad we decided to get a car with Navigation.

Thank you again for all your help, advice, and GREAT service!!  I look forward to seeing you again...because "Lord Willing" we will be back!!!!

Sincerely Grateful to You and Accurate Motors!

Jim & Loretta, Kentucky 


Customer: Ed from Lafayette, Colorado

Vehicle Purchased:  2008 Acura RL

Purchased: February 2011

Just a note to you and the Accurate team - the whole transaction was an excellent experience.  It was the first time I've bought a car remotely without seeing it.  Based on this experience, I'd certainly do this again, with Accurate.

The car was everything, and more than I anticipated - It even still smelled new. :)

The driver was very sharp, thorough and one could tell that he's a quality transport company.

Thank you again for the experience.



Customer: Steven

Vehicle Purchased: 2007 Acura TL-S

Purchased:  December 2010

Thank you so much for all of your help with picking out the right vehicle for me.  What I found most helpful was the fact that you were extremely knowledgeable of the product, and you never sounded pushy.  It made the process actually go much quicker for me.  I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Thanks again!



Customer: David

Vehicle Purchased: 2002 Honda CR-V

Purchased:  January 2008

Hello Ed,

Following is my brief testimonial about "Jacquline", our little 2002 CR-V that so far is proving to be a very dependable, and by extension, an economical work vehicle:

"I work - and so does my 2002 Honda CR-V.  We bought this vehicle from Ed back in 2008 with approximately 57,000 miles on it.  Now, in late 2010 she has just surpassed 100,000 miles!  It is pertinent to mention that this hard working vehicle has started every time I have needed to go somewhere.  It has never failed me.  And this little SUV works every day.  I have my own window and general office cleaning business. 

I started off this breif narrative by saying 'I work'.  By that I mean I often work seven days a week.  I expect my equipment to be equal to the demands I place upon it.  This Honda vehicle is proving to be just that. 

At this juncture, having traveled the equivalent of more than four times around the earth, this vehicle has experienced no system failures.  The transmission shifts smoothly, the air conditioning is cold, and the engine runs as smooth as a sewing machine.  

 Like any piece of equipment, maintenance for my CR-V is crucial.  I regularly bring her into Ed's(Accurate Automotive) for routine care.  It appears this regularly scheduled maintenance is paying off.  I enjoy dependable, comfortable transportation every day of the year.  

For any of you who are reading this and considering the purchase of a CR-V from Ed, I would encourage you to buy it.  My CR-V is a working, demonstrable example of their durability.  To my way of thinking, that is a genuine value for your transportation dollar.  

And as they say:  the beat goes on.  I will be leaving my office in a few minutes in my CR-V of course.

Well, that's what I had to say.  If you wish to use this testimonial and preface my remarks with your own expository words, you might wish to mention that this was completely unsolicited, and that we have had a working relationship over several years.  Just a suggestion, please use this however best serves your needs.  Hopefully this vehicle will remain durable and maintaninable, and I will anticipate another installment at the 150,000 mile point

Wishing you hapiness and sucess in all things, I remain, 

Yours truly,


P.S.  Should anyone question the veracity of my account, feel free to give them my phone number and I will be glad to speak with them.  


Customer: Marsha

Vehicle Purchased: 2005 Acura TL

November 2010 


Thanks for such a wonderful buying experience when I purchased the 2005 Acura TL.  The car is fabulous. We were able to try the OnStar for 3 months free(FYI).  The car is on the road making up for lost time!  I'll send friends and family your way.




Blog Comment:  Mark in Florida posted this comment on the Accurate Blog

November 2010

Dear Ed, 

Thanks for your informative blog site on Honda cars.  Your time and helpfulness is a "true service" to people and Honda owners.  My 2005 Odyssey has only 44,000 miles and has many of the classics symptoms discussed on your website.  During the early part of my warranty service, I complained to the dealership about these problems.  They responded with the procedure you described and also changed the front and rear engine mount.  This took place at 22,271 miles.  Initially, the problem sounded better, but it still isn't right.  I still think it's the transmission.

I did find a Honda Service Bulletin 06-050, dated 12-01-2006 that spoke about symptoms with the 2005 and 2006 models...It mentioned a drone at the speeds that are common with your issues and indicated the fix to be an updated exhaust "A" pipe and the rubber engine mount...but that was for the 2005 and 2006 models.

Either their technicians weren't very good (an official Honda tech also reviewed the case) or they're trying to push the real problem away (fix the transmission) until the warranty expires.  If the latter was their agenda...mission accomplished.  

 I'll be talking with the Honda representatives on Dec 2, 2010.  Would you be willing to talk to the representatives?  If you have  any suggestions or information that may help, that would be appreciated.  I would be willing to compensate you for your time and assistance.  




Customer: Michael Y., Murfreesboro, TN

Vehicle Purchased:  2007 Honda Civic Coupe

October 2010


Thanks for a very pleasant experience buying my Civic Coupe at Accurate Honda.

My wife and I have known Ed since he started his shop in Smyrna, TN on Hazelwood.  We used to see his kids when they were little running around the shop reminding me when I did the same in my dad's shop years ago. Ed really took great care for us and our car.  When he was just starting out he would take us to our house(five miles away) and drop us off to fix our car.  That was going the extra mile(no pun intended) for us we thought. He also has the experience watching our daughter Michelle trying to drive a stick(in her Prelude) while I was away with the Army.

The buying experience is one of the best I have had in recent years.  There was no going back and forth between the salesman and the manager to get a good price.  The price was laready good and little negotiation to the final price.  Servicing the crars with tires, brakes, etc was a real plus and dealing with a very calm Christy was a bigger plus.  

I have been a Honda person since 1995 and I guess now even loinger.  I know that I can take my car back to Ed and Troy and they will do the right things for me.  

Thanks again for the great deal and car.

Michael Y.


Customer: Derek S., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Vehicle Purchased:  2007 Honda Accord EX V6 6-Speed Manual Transmission

September 2010


I am located in North Carolina and I had been looking for a 2007 Honda Accord EX V6 6-Speed Manual transmission for what seemed forever.  Honda only made these cars for a period of 2 years.  I was fortunate to find my version of my dream car at Accurate Auto sales located in Nashville, Tennessee.  When I found this car on their website I was super excited and promptly placed a call to the dealership and spoke to Christy Nettles in Sales.  She was friendly and courteous.

This was on a Thursday and someone else was also interested in the car.  I had to move fast as these cars go quickly.  Christy helped me with every step of the process including taking my numerous phone calls.  We took care of the deposit and insurance information over the phone and I quickly made travel plans to pick up the car the following week.  Christy met me and my brother at the airport and drove us back to Accurate Auto sales. The paperwork was processed quickly and everyone was professional and very helpful.  We were back on the road within a short amount of time.  When we got back to North Carolina I took the car to Flow Honda to get it inspected.  Flow Honda advised me that the car was in excellent shape and that this was a hard car to find.  I am very happy with my purchase and sales/service that I received from Accurate Atuo.  I would offer that anyone who is skeptical about working with Accurate Auto Sales feel free to contact me in Winston-Salem, NC.

Derek S.

Happy Customer--Smiles all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Customer: Geoff M., Salt Lake City, Utah

Vehicle Purchased: 2010 Acura ZDX with Technology Package  

August 2010 

I want to thank you and everyone at Accurate Cars for your terrific help with my purchase.  Despite living in Utah you made the out of state purchase easy every step of the way.  I'm thrilled with my new Acura ZDX!  It arrived in pristine condition and driving it is an absolute pleasure. 

Thank you so much!



Customer: Allen H., Memphis, TN

Vehicle Purchased: 2007 Acura RL

July 2010 

Dear Ed,

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for our recent experience purchasing an automobile from Accurate Automotive.

Once we decided to expand out search outside the Memphis area, we relied on the Internet to conduct our search.  During that search we found 3 automobiles in Nashville that we were interested in seeing, and set up appointments for a day trip to Nashville.

I can tell you that based on the information found on your website with regard to your philosophy about used car sales, as well as the vehicle description and price, we decided to schedule your appointment last as our expectations were that your car would be the one we would be most excited about.  I am happy to say in hindsight that we were absolutely correct with regard to our expectations.

Not only was your automobile superior in every way (price, condition, wear) but we found that we were dealt with in a straightforward and friendly manner and found the entire buying experience to be a pleasant one. Your attention to detail and well as your care regarding our concerns and questions were far superior to our experiences with the dealerships we visited.  We never once felt pressured, and now have a beautiful automobile that we feel very comfortable about….all at a very reasonable price!

Our only regret is that Accurate Automotive is too far away for us to bring it in for routine maintenance.

Please know that you will most  likely see us again when it comes time to consider another purchase. 

Our thanks again to you and your staff, with best wishes and hopes that more folks are lucky enough to find you.



Customer:  Kristinia J., LaVergne, TN

Vehicle Purchased:  2005 Acura RL,

November 2008

We really love our 2005 Acura RL.  Your team is fantastic and I am glad that we made the decision to purchase our car from your dealership.  We've had Hondas for years and have always brought them to Accurate Automotive for service or repairs.  I look forward to continuing this great relationship with our Acura RL.  

Keep up the great work!


Customer: Michael S., Nashville,TN

Car Repair Service Department Customer

November 2008 

Having been an Acura customer for almost 20 years I was very impressed with you and Accurate Automotive after meeting you on a Saturday without an appointment having a realignment service performed on my 1999 Acura Integra.  Wow! car drove straight as an arrow after that.  It is very clear that you understand how to provide professional service and that you truly care about people and their vehicles.  As needed I will continue to recommend you and Accurate Automotive for trustworthy, professional Acura and Honda service.  Thanks again!  Michael S. 


Customer: Tom & Linda S., LaVergne, TN
Vehicle: 2003 Honda Odyssey EX-L with Factory DVD

"Our whole family loves our Honda Odyssey! We "live" in our van. We've been very pleased with our van, especially the DVD system. It's great for those long road trips!"


Customer: Jerry & Jerelene P. , LaVergne, TN
Vehicle: 2003 Acura TL Premium

"This is the first foreign car we've ever owned. We have had Fords, Mercurys, Chevrolets, & Pontiacs. We love our Acura TL! We travel often and this is the perfect car for traveling. We get between 30-34 MPG and it shifts so smoothly climbing the mountains. The large trunk is also a must for traveling."


Customer: Brad T., Cincinnati, OH
Vehicle: 2006 Acura MDX Touring w/ Navigation

Hi Ed,

I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to officially meet you and Christy last Saturday and pick up the MDX. I enjoyed the drive back to Cincinnati, and hope this is the first of more Acura/Honda transactions together.

Best of continued success for Accurate Sales, and you and your family.

God bless,


Customer: David E. , St. Louis , MO
Vehicle: 2004 Acura TL w/ 6 speed manual trans


Feel free to post my comments as you see fit.

If you are looking for a late model used car, especially a Honda or Acura, the folks at Accurate Automotive are the ones to see. They located a hard to find Acura TL for us, and our buying experience with Accurate was stress free every step of the way. The folks at Accurate Automotive are friendly and professional, with a great facility and staff to support your car purchase. I would not hesitate to buy another car from Accurate in the future.



Customer: Mark H., Canada
Vehicle: 2007 Acura RDX w/ Tech Package

Dear Ed:

I love my 2007 Acura RDX. It is just as you described it.

Your help was really appreciated in getting it into Canada. All the paperwork was in order so the transition at the border went smooth. Thank you again for your help.

Mark Edmonton,



Customer: Mark K., Toronto, Canada
Vehicle : 2007 Acura TSX w/ 6 Speed

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great 2007 Acura TSX. I bought the car online sight unseen and it was absolutely perfect as described when it arrived. You and your team at Accurate exceeded my expectations in everyway. Thank you very much

Please use this as you wish.

Best Regards


Customer:   Harold B.,  Nashville, TN

Vehicle:   2007 Acura RL

Christy, it was good to talk with you.  I’m still a hero after the rose on the dash of the RL, so thanks so much for making it happen so well.  I’ve been a customer almost since Accuratecars came into existence.  Through the years it has been a relief and pleasure to have your qualified mechanics service my Acura automobiles.  Not only has the customer service been outstanding, but the quality of work and expertise of the staff has been comforting to my wife and me.  Recently, my purchase of a 2007 Acura RL through your company only further enhanced my impression of the staff who make your company exceptional.  I have the local Acura dealership a little concerned, since most of what I need service-wise or otherwise is handled by you.  For those who haven’t discovered you yet, I hope this will be the beginning of great experiences for them, too. With best regards to all of you at Accuratecars, I am, 



Customer:      Jessica and Justin;   St. Louis, MO.

Vehicle:            2005 Honda Accord LX Sedan

The car we bought is amazing. It is exactly how you described it and I couldn't be more pleased. You and Christy were so nice to my husband and I. There is no doubt in my mind that all our car purchases will be done through you. That is a lot saying we live 5 hours away. You truely were a blessing come true. I love my new car!!!

Thank you so much,

Jessica and Justin