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Which Brand of Motor Oil Is The Best for your Honda or Acura Car?

Let’s discuss how to identify the best brands of engine oil, regardless of the color of the bottle.

In a previous blog post (link),  we had discussed the importance of using the correct engine oil weight in late model Honda and Acura automobiles; and we had some great response on that article. I was amazed at the number of readers that responded in emails. I was also very honored with the local customers, who stated that they go to www.accuratecars.com every few days just to see what’s new in our Honda and Acura inventory and if there are any new blog articles posted pertaining to maintenance, repair and care of Honda and Acura vehicles.

Oil companies spend millions of advertising dollars annually to influence your purchase of their brand of engine oil. They will tell you that their brand reduces friction better, reduces sludge build-up, saves fuel, and promotes longer engine life…..But don’t all engine oils do the those things, regardless of brand?

In today’s marketplace, there are many choices of engine oil brands. In addition to the brand choice, there is also the option of conventional motor oil, partial synthetic motor oil, or fully synthetic motor oil. In all of these options, there is a lot of choices and confusion.

When contemplating the brand and type  of oil that you want to use in your Honda and Acura vehicles, consider the following:

First, because American Honda Motor Company does not, at the writing of this blog post, offer a diesel engine in US production cars, vans, trucks or SUVs; always look for the American Petroleum Institute (API) symbol on the front of the motor oil container. This looks like a symbol of the sun and is often referred to as the “API Starburst”. This indicates that the oil in the container is specifically blended for gasoline engines.

Second, on the back of all legitimate motor oil brands, there will also be a round symbol that also indicates what grade of oil the API has determined the oil to be.

The API grades oil for gasoline engines and diesel engines. Gas engine oil is graded in a “S” category. Diesel engine oil is graded in a “C” category. This is easy to understand because these are the sources of ignition in both engine applications. The “S” stands for spark and we all know that spark plugs are the source of ignition for gas engines. The “C” stands for compression and  the way a diesel engine consumes diesel fuel is thru the heat of compression produced in the combustion chamber.

Not all engine oils are specifically designed for diesel applications (API graded on the “C” scale) but they should all have an “S” rating for gas engne application. However, in both applications, the further down the alphabet the letter following  in the “S” or “C” category, the better the oil scores. For example: “SD” oil would be a substandard to  “SL / SM”  grade, which is currently the market standard for all major brands of engine oil.

In closing, it isn’t the brand of engine oil that is the most important thing. However, the oil that you choose for your Honda or Acura vehicle should have an API grade of SL/SM on the container and you should always use the correct weight of oil (example, 5W20). When you do choose an oil brand, choose one that you will want to use for the duration of vehicle ownership. New cars and used cars are expensive. They are an investment as a tool to get you where you’ve got to go; and the motor oil that protects the internal engine components is a recognized vital ingredient. The registered nurse, the school teacher,  the accountant, nor the insurance salesman may understand how the engine in their Honda and Acura vehicle works, but they do understand the necessity of using a good quality motor oil and periodically changing that life blood of the engine. If you use the correct engine oil weight, in an SM / SL API Grade, and change that oil every 3750 miles or 6 months (whichever occurs first), you should have a long service life from your Honda and Acura automobiles. It is a major key to the longevity of the investment….the investment that gets you from point “A” to point “B” everyday.

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