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Ezell Harding Christian School Car Wash Fundraiser for 8th Grade Class Trip to Washington D.C. held at Accurate Automotive

A few 8th graders from Ezell Harding Christian School in Nashville, TN used some of the parking lot at Accurate Cars and Automotive for a little fund raiser last Saturday. They are going to Washington D.C. in March and even with a group discount, the charge for each student is over $900 for transportation, lodging, meals and admission fees to places which include the Smithsonian Institute.

On October 4th, Accurate Automotive provided a little of the parking lot, some water, an electric pressure washer, and 4 pepperoni pizzas. The kids did the rest. They washed some cars, Accurate Automotive’s tow truck and even a few semi tractors.

In this day and time, doesn’t it seem like all you hear is how little the future generation does when speaking of work ethic….Well, this group of ten students, (about 10% of the 8th grade class) proved on Saturday that they want to go to Washington D.C. in March. They raised $230. 

If you want to help send these 10 dedicated kids (pictured below)  to Washington D.C., you can send a check made payable to Accurate Automotive or to Ezell Harding Christian School and put “For 8th Grade Washington Trip” on the front of the check. Accurate Automotive’s address is 111 Enterprise Blvd., LaVergne, TN 37086.

Who knows, there could be a future representative or senator in this group, and in the wake of our Nations largest hand-out of money taking place last week in the form of corporate welfare, we could use some new faces up there.

Ezell Harding Christian School is located in Antioch, Tennessee just outside of Nashville, Tennessee in Middle Tennessee.

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