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Honda and Acura Certified Used Cars versus Non-Certified Used Cars, Is There Really a Difference?

Once it’s in your garage, is there really a difference between a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle and a Non-Certified used car?

In this article we will cover the truth about Certified Used Cars:
Why are they marketed?
Are they worth the extra cost?

To start; have you ever considered why any car manufacturer would endorse and market Factory Certified Pre-Owned used cars?

Aren’t car manufacturers in the business of building new cars?
Wouldn’t “Factory Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles” take away from new car sales?

About 15 years ago, it became painfully obvious to many car manufacturers that more consumers were realizing the significant savings in buying a used car over that new car purchase. Because of the competition between brands, the car manufacturers had placed extra time and expense in the reliability of the vehicles they produced.  The ancient and troublesome carburetor had been replaced with the much more reliable fuel injection systems. The exterior finishes of their older cars were still glossy and showed well. And because of competition between car manufacturers, even the standard Factory warranty coverage for the powertrain was extending out to 60,000, 70,000 80,000 and even 100,000 miles. Not that the warranty coverage was even needed, considering that the overall competition between car manufacturers was so great, that most of them were producing vehicles that were very reliable, well past 100,000 miles on the odometer

Car manufacturers already knew that their older models, even those that were just a couple of years old, could be purchased for far less than the original MSRP. They also knew that the new car buyer was realizing this huge depreciation as well and these consumers were avoiding the new car depreciation by shopping a purchasing used cars.

To counter this,  the car dealers, in cooperation with the vehicle manufacturers, began marketing and endorsing the Factory Name on an additional consumer option by offering Factory Certified Pre-Owned Cars.

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is simply a third option that was created by marketing….Does “it’s not new, it’s not used, it’s CERTIFIED” sound familiar?  By creating a Certified Used Car program, the dealer could also get the potential car buyer one step closer to that ultimate goal; a new car purchase.

The ideal scenario is something like this: The dealership lures a car shopper in on a used car that is priced very well for the market. This vehicle may look good on a computer monitor,  but in person, it won’t be in very good condition. This is done as a deliberate means to entice the shopper to look up the line to the next level, the Certified Unit. After showing the pre-owned car that was simply used to lure the shopper in,  the dealership salesman will show the car buyer the Certified Pre-Owned units. Once the Certified unit is shown to the potential car buyer, the salesman may say something like, “you know at this point, you’re just a few bucks away from a brand new unit and with the special interest rates and incentives that are currently being offered by the manufacturer,  you may want to consider a brand new unit”. Just one step closer to that new car purchase, which usually results in a BIG CASE of BUYERS REMORSE,  within just a few hours of the vehicle transaction.

Certified Pre Owned vehicles are nothing more than a used car that has been fully serviced and reconditioned prior to marketing….Isn’t that the way all respectable car dealers should market a used car?

At  www.accuratecars.com we pride ourselves on saying, “We are the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, to purchase and service Honda and Acura Vehicles”. In our car ads, you may also read, “Always expect Certified Quality in our Honda and Acura Inventory”. These claims are very easy to back up because  all of our Acura and Honda used cars are fully serviced, prior to marketing. Unlike the franchised dealers, our dealership does not have an inventory of just used cars and a separate inventory of Certified Pre-Owned used cars. All of our Honda and Acura inventory units go through our identical reconditioning process prior to marketing.

The reason that the car manufacturer will usually offer special financing for the Certified Pre-Owned is because those Certified vehicles are over-priced. Banks and credit unions will rarely finance 100%  of the transaction involving a Certified Pre-Owned Unit, because of the inflated prices associated with the Certified Used car in comparison to the average market retail.  Incidentally, when  a Certified Used Car gets wrecked, insurance companies aren’t likely to be impressed with the fact that it was sold as a Certified Used Car, either.  When they evaluate it and write the loss check for it, many will say, “According to the book, you paid too much for it. It’s worth far less than what you owe”.

In closing, what is the difference in the Certified unit and the non-Certified unit?  If you purchase  it with an extended warranty, from accuratecars.com there is not likely to be any difference…..Except in the fact that the cost of our Honda and Acura used cars are based on a clean and fully serviced vehicle, without the inflated cost of the Factory Certification.  Afterall, once it is bought and parked in your garage;  a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is just a used car.

Come in and see why we are the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to purchase and service your Honda and Acura automobiles…..And always expect Certified Quality.

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