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Castrol Motor Oil Selected for Honda and Acura Car Customers of Accurate Automotive in Nashville, Tennessee

January 2009: Accurate Automotive has contracted with Parman Oil Company as it’s exclusive supplier of Castrol Motor Oil. Accurate Automotive,  a non-franchised, independant dealership;  specializes exclusively in the sales, servicing, and repair of Honda and Acura automobiles, for customers in Nashville  and the Middle Tennessee area.

The Service Manager of Accurate Automotive, Troy Ball states,  “while using the correct weight (viscosity) of engine oil is the most important thing;  being consistent on the brand of engine oil is also very important.  We want our customers to be assured that at Accurate Automotive, our technical expertise with Honda and Acura automobiles includes using the best  automotive fluid brands in our Service Department. After careful consideration, we came to the inarguable conclusion that Castrol is the best choice and it was also highly recognized as the oil of choice among our Honda and Acura car owners”.

Because American Honda specifically calls for Mobil 1 in the Turbocharged Acura RDX; Accurate Automotive will be keeping it  in stock; as well as the Genuine Honda 0W20 engine oil, for the Honda Insight.

Accurate Automotive will continue their commitment of only using the Genuine Honda fluids in the following applications:

  • Genuine Honda Automatic Transmission Fluid  (Honda Part 08200-9001 & Acura Part #08200-9001A)
  • Genuine Honda Continuously Varible Transmission fluid (Part# 08200-9006)
  • Genuine Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (Part# 08798-9031)
  • Genuine Honda Dual Pump Fluid (Part # 08200-9007)
  • Genuine Honda VTM-4 Differential Fluid (Honda Part# 08200-9003 and Acura Part # 08200-9003A)
  • Genuine Honda Power Steering Fluid (Part # 08206-9002)
  • Genuine Honda Brake Fluid (Part # 08798-9008)
  • Genuine Honda Type 2 Engine Coolant (Part# 0L999-9011)

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