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Great Honda Used Car Value in Later Model, Higher Mileage Honda Odyssey Vans

Because Honda Odyssey vans are normally used to haul families with small children or the soccer team; the age of the vehicle can have a tremendous influence on the condition of it’s interior and exterior.

When shopping for that “perfect used car”, the average used car buyer will usually rank their search criteria in the following order of importance:

  1. Lowest price
  2. Lowest mileage
  3. Newest year model for current body style

Because of this “order of priority”, the average used car buyer usually gets discouraged and frustrated within a few days of shopping used cars. The reason for their discouragement is simple; they do not consider the fact that cars, just like everything else have a “rate of decay”. As consumers, we naturally place lower mileage at a higher priority than how long a vehicle has been in use and how long it has been in exposure to the elements.

Let’s say that you are looking at a  2005 Honda Odyssey with 40k miles on it and you are comparing it to a  2006 Honda Odyssey with 65k miles on it. It is very likely that the 2005 model will look considerably “more used” and for a good reason. Mileage does not effect the condition of a vehicle nearly as much as the age of the vehicle. If the 2005 Honda Odyssey was sold in late 2004 or in the first quarter of 2005, and the 2006 was not sold until the end of it’s model year;  then the 2005 would have been exposed to about 20 additional months of use.

When I was a kid and growing up in Nashville, Tennessee; my mom was a school teacher. During the school year, she drove about 3 miles to work; only averaging an accumulation of about 10 miles per work day on the odometer. When that car was 10 years old, it was a low mileage vehicle but it had been driven everyday and it’s condition was close to worn-out. During the winter months, the engine would not even get to operating temperature before she arrived at school and that short-trip driving had caused oil sludge in the engine. The engine burned oil and age had effected the gaskets & seals; so the engine and transmission leaked oil also. The interior was worn and the dash was cracked because of the 10 year exposure to several hot summers and cold winters.

Today, all vehicles still have a “rate of decay” and years of exposure still effect their condition. However, cars are designed  to go longer distances; Motor oils are better, tires last longer, fuel & ignition systems are more reliable and Honda & Acura engines are designed for 300,000 miles plus, under normal driving conditions with minimal maintenance.

Because Honda and Acura vehicles are designed for long distances; our dealership recently purchased two late model Honda Odyssey EX-L vans from American Honda Lease Trust. Even though these vans have accumulated “higher-than-normal mileage” in the initial years of ownership; they can be financed at the new car interest rates with most Credit Unions. These vans will provide two families a great opportunity to acquire a very clean, reliable and well equipped Honda Odyssey van at a price that won’t break their family budget.

The first unit is a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L with Navigation and RES / DVD. ( 5FNRL38746B003625 ). This Honda Odyssey is a one owner, non-smoker van that was originally titled as a personal vehicle in Florida. It is extremely clean and the Carfax report is not only accident free but also reports a pattern of regular maintenance that was performed at Germain Honda in Naples, Florida.  This unit originally had  an MSRP of $34,595.00

If you take $34,595 and divide it by 200,000 miles; the cost per mile quals 17.2 cents when this van was new. Today, with 81,400 miles on the odometer; NADA evaluates this 2006 Honda Odyssey at $19,000. If you take $19,000 and divide it by 118,000 miles (the difference of 200,000 miles minus 82,000 miles); the next owner will pay about 16.1 cents per mile for this unit!!! This van includes 2 master keys, two keyless remotes, all of the owners manuals, the navigation disc, and two new sets of headphones for the factory RES / DVD system. This is a “textbook example” of used car value.

The other Honda Odyssey unit is a 2007 EX-L with RES / DVD( vin 5FNRL38797B441591). This Honda Odyssey is also a one owner unit. It has not been smoked in and it was originally titled as a commercial lease. This van is immaculate on the inside and based on the condition of the interior and exterior; many would guess the van to have around 30k miles on it. The Carfax report is accident free and the NADA evaluates this van at $20,250. This 2007 Honda Odyssey van was originally sold in April of 2007 and the MSRP was $32,695.00.  This van has only been on the road for 28 months. The interior still smells new and this 2007 model Odyssey can be purchased for $19,900!!!

At www.accuratecars.comwe are committed in assisting Honda & Acura car buyers in their search for the best used car value in Honda and Acura vehicles. With a service department that consists of a staff of service technicians that were previously employed at several franchised Honda and Acura dealerships in Nashville and the surrounding area of Middle, TN; our dealership provides the best quality pre-owned Honda and Acura units in the market. We invite you to shop our Honda and Acura used car inventory online at www.accuratecars.comor come by in person. We are conveniently located at Exit 64,  off of I-24, just southeast of Nashville, TN. Always expect Certified Quality in all of our Honda and Acura used cars.




One Response to “Great Honda Used Car Value in Later Model, Higher Mileage Honda Odyssey Vans”

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    ebrian Says:

    Yes, both of those Odysseys have sold, BUT check out the home page of the website…..I have a 2005 Ody Touring (stk # 048077) with 87k miles that is going to come in at a good number.

    This particular Odyssey has NAV and DVD, and it will also have regular tires and wheels before we market it……I hate those PAX (run-flat) tires and so does everyone else.

    So before we market it, we will take those ridiculously expensive PAX tires off and install a new set of Michelin tires on some EX-L wheels.

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