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Honda and Acura Used Car Buying Tip #3: Reference AutoCheck for Possible Frame Damage History

This www.accuratecars.com blog post is the third in a series of used car buying tips, that you can easily perform in conjunction with the internet,  when shopping for Honda used cars and Acura used cars. This next tip has reference and photos from an earlier blog article that we published on the website in 2008. The direct link to that article is posted below.


Tip #1 covered the importance of always referencing the vehicle identification number (commonly referred to as the VIN or serial number), when considering a Honda or Acura pre-owned unit that is advertised online. This is the first step, because without a VIN, a consumer cannot reference a title history report on a particular vehicle. The direct link to the first used car buying tip is:


Tip #2 recommended referencing the Carfax Report for possible service history records.

The direct link to Tip #2  is:


While all of our used car buying tips are helpful, this next tip on buying Honda used cars and Acura used cars is one of the most important.

Tip #3  Always refer to the AutoCheck Title History Report for record of frame damage

Many car buyers and internet car shoppers are familiar with Carfax Title History Reports. Carfax has spent a fortune in branding their name and because of their marketing investment, Carfax is currently the most recognized title history reporting source.

However, there is another title history reporting company called AutoCheck, and it is owned by Experian. AutoCheck has also been around  for several years, but AutoCheck has not marketed itself as agressively as Carfax.

The most important thing about AutoCheck title history reports is that Manheim Auto Auctions report directly to AutoCheck if a vehicle is sold at any Manheim auction facility as a “frame damaged” or “unibody damaged” unit.

While only a small percentage of vehicles sold at Manheim Auctions are frame damaged units, many of these vehicles that are announced as “frame damaged” or “unibody damaged”, have a clean Carfax Title History Report.

Just a few years ago,  there were some unscrupulous car dealers that were buying  “frame damaged” used cars at dealer auction, and at a huge savings because of the announced “frame damage” or “unibody damage” condition. These dishonest dealers were then marketing and selling these units on the internet, on sites such as Ebay, and without full disclosure of the “frame damage” condition. This was a big problem with Ebay because many of these vehicles had a clean Carfax History Report. For this reason,  Ebay Motors started posting the AutoCheck Report on all of the cars listed on Ebay’s site. Today, if a vehicle is posted on Ebay, the AutoCheck report is automatically posted on the listing as well. Carfax simply does not receive this information from Manheim Auctions….But AutoCheck does.

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Whether they are at our facility in Nashville, TN or across the country, in another state; at Accurate, we want all consumers of Honda & Acura products to be treated honestly in sales & service. For this reason, we are writing these used car buying tips along with other blog articles for tips on service & maintenance of Honda and Acura automobiles.

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