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Honda & Acura Used Car Buying Tip #4 – Always Reference Both Title History Reports

This www.accuratecars.com blog post is the fourth in a series of used car buying tips, that you can easily perform in conjunction with the internet,  when shopping for Honda used cars and Acura used cars.

The 1st used car buying tip covered the importance of always referencing the vehicle identification number (commonly referred to as the VIN or serial number), when considering a Honda or Acura pre-owned unit that is advertised online. This is the first step, because without a VIN, a consumer cannot reference a title history report on a particular vehicle. The direct link to the 1st used car buying tip is:


The 2nd Honda & Acura used car buying tip recommended referencing the Carfax Report for possible service history records.

The direct link to Tip #2  is:


Used car buying tip #3 was one of the most important, because it showed how AutoCheck title history reports will expose “frame damaged” and / or “unibody damaged” vehicles that are sold at Manheim Auctions. The direct link to Tip #3 is:


Used Car Buying Tip#4 :    Always Reference Both Carfax and AutoCheck

On the Used Car Buying Tip #3 article, we were a little tough on Carfax. After reading that article, some readers may have concluded that Carfax deserved it, because not only did their report not show that a “frame damaged” vehicle had gone through an dealer auto auction, but it didn’t even show that the vehicle had been involved in an accident…..But don’t choose one title history report over the other….. Remember, title history reports are simply data entries that make a historical record of a vehicle. The sources that AutoCheck uses may vary to some of the sources that Carfax uses……..So both title history reports should be pulled and examined before making your used car purchase.

In this article, we are going to make a timeline of events referencing the same vehicle from our used car buying tip #3 article;  the 2005 Honda Accord EX, vin 1HGCM56705A034719 (pictured above with a copy of the clean Carfax Report printed on 12-03-08). We will also be referencing a present day copy of both the Carfax Title History Report and the AutoCheck Title History Report (pictured below). The AutoCheck and Carfax reports that are pictured below were pulled and printed on February 12, 2010.

The Timeline by reference numbers:

#1 Carfax shows this vehicle was sold at dealer auction on December 1, 2008.

#2 AutoCheck shows vehicle is announced as fleet lease on December 1, 2008.

#3   AutoCheck shows vehicle is announced as a “frame damaged” unit on December 5, 2008

To this point, AutoCheck is the most accurate record. This 2005 Honda Accord was actually sold at dealer auction on December 3, 2008.

#4 The Carfax Report  (printed on December 3, 2008)  shows no previous accident damage.

#5 The Carfax Report shows this vehicle is offered for sale on December 3, 2008

#6 Carfax shows an accident that happened on July 8, 2008

#7 Carfax indicates that they listed this accident on their report, starting October 15, 2009

#8   Vehicle was purchased by current owner on December 18, 2008

#6 , #7 and #8 are critical problems with Carfax. The reason is because until October 15, 2010 this “frame damaged” Honda Accord had a clean Carfax Report with no accident data. This means that the present owner of this vehicle had owned this 2005 Honda Accord for almost a year before accident data showed up on the Carfax Report from July of 2008.

This 2005 “frame damaged” Honda Accord had a clean Carfax Report when the current owner purchased it on December 18, 2008.

To date, with the exception of the “announced condition” at dealer auction, AutoCheck still does not show the vehicle accident on July 8, 2008.

This is the reason that both Carfax and AutoCheck should be viewed before purchasing your next used car. These title history reporting companies use different sources for their data and one title history report may differ from the other.

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