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The Usefulness of the Honda Element is Elementary

I must admit that a few years ago, when I initally saw the Honda Element I probably thought some of the the same things you did… “Square”  “Toaster on wheels.” “Ugly as home-made soap”  However, once our dealership put the first unit in our used car inventory and I had a chance to check it out; I was pretty impressed…. Not with the sleek, aerodynamic look of a bite-sized Hummer, but instead with the forethought of Honda’s engineers to develop a vehicle that could be so useful.

You may remember that one of Honda’s first claims to fame was that the Honda Element interior could be washed out with water. It had truely been developed as a vehicle that could haul stuff…. It also was marketed as a camping vehicle because you could actually get a genuine Honda accessory tent that mounts to the rear hatch and tailgate…. Talk about cool.

Now that the Honda Element has got some age on it, prices have come down… The engine has a long running, virtually maintenance-free timing CHAIN instead of the traditional timing BELT, which has greatly reduced the maintenance costs at 100,000 miles. During the past 5 or 6 years, our used car department has sold several Honda Elements, including a 200,000 mile 2003 Honda Element that was traded in to us…. We sold that vehicle to a buyer from Knoxville,  within a few days, and with additional buyers waiting in line if he didn’t purchase it.

Both Toyota and Nissan have produced a copy-cat version of the Honda Element. While these car manufacturers saw the usefulness of the design, they did not produce their versions with the wide footprint that the Honda Element has. This may seem like a minor complaint, but think about it; the wider footprint of the Honda Element makes it much more stable and less likely to be top heavy, and we all know what top heavy means…..

Today, I had to go pick up some new chairs, for our Service Department’s newest addition to the customer’s lounge at Accurate Automotive…. After-all, our loyal Honda and Acura service customers are professionals and they are also very productive…. They don’t want to sit in a chair and watch the Price Is Right while maintenance is being performed on their Honda or Acura vehicle…. They needed an area to work while they were waiting and as always, we are truely committed in accomodating them.

The morning weather was questionable. It was a little warm for Tennessee on  December 21st and it looked like rain. So I took the 2004 Honda Element that is in our current pre-owned / used car inventory and picked up the new chairs…. All 10 of the chairs fit in the Element,  in one trip and with room to spare. Check out the photos.

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